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  1. My Power Thought Quotes
  2. Something i just wrote
  3. The philosophy of everything and nothing.
  4. Life
  5. Philosophy... In general
  6. Philosophies on Existence
  7. Enjoyment
  8. Expertise
  9. The Soul
  10. Fate
  11. Emotion
  12. What is Intelligence?
  13. Life as seen from death
  14. Man as an addict
  15. To Id
  16. all of creation
  17. I think I do think, so do I exist?
  18. I am the center of the universe
  19. Out of the box
  20. Down Memory Lane
  21. Parallel Universes
  22. Excellent Discussion on Free Will
  23. In the Moment
  24. Games
  25. Old wine in a new bottle
  26. The Point/Reason for living...
  27. Transcendentalism
  28. the power of programming
  29. My theory so far...
  30. My Death, or Death as Non-Being
  31. Last post
  32. The Philosophy of Mr. Spock (the vulcan)
  33. What's your memetic shock level?
  34. The human ideal in Ancient Greece
  35. Guide for a Newbie
  36. The Startrek Transporter
  37. Death Is...
  38. Meaning of Life....finally answered? Then what?
  39. Beauty
  40. does god suppress society
  41. miracles
  42. Numbers
  43. Here goes
  44. Yay for gibberish ...
  45. what is racism?
  46. complicated matters
  47. Meta Ethics, Does Moral Language have any meaning?
  48. Life on Mars?
  49. The word Philosophy
  50. Is Evil Relative?
  51. Relative and Objective/Universal truth
  52. Diogenes the Dog
  53. What is real?
  54. The Beginnings of Individuality
  55. The end of history!
  56. The Purpose of Philosophy
  57. Motives are rarely unselfish...
  58. does many-worlds allow for free will
  59. Are you a Skeptic?
  60. Litureature
  61. Is "MAN" = "A GOD"
  62. The Problem of Infinity
  63. The Kolriss/Cortezrex Ramble
  64. Is the mind real?
  65. Does philosophy negate science?
  66. communication
  67. Philosophy in Film
  68. Transtopia: The Philosophy of Immortality and Godhood
  69. Hyperspace & You
  70. Absolute Truth Vs Relative Truth
  71. Einstiens' Gift
  72. In search for a theory of truth ????
  73. science's and arts' purposes
  74. How Important Is Appearance?
  75. Deterministic world?
  76. Myth of Sisyphus
  77. Dialectics
  78. The Beautiful Truth
  79. Speak your truth quietly and clearly
  80. Voltaire vs. The Church
  81. Help.
  82. objectivism
  83. Out of body
  85. What are we doing??
  86. consciousness & science
  87. Universe in a Sandcorn???
  88. What's the point?
  89. Does Evil Exist?
  90. Is smashing your TV and act of rebellion?
  91. A better world.
  92. What if we don't need food?
  93. Anyone interested in some answers???
  94. Is Time real?
  95. A simple moral philosophy
  96. Fine-tuning In Cosmology
  97. Voluntary Self-Electrocution Chambers in Prisons
  98. Creation Egyptian Style
  99. Are there concepts beyond the human being brain's capability to consider?
  100. A muse on Boredom (not suicide)
  101. Definition and knowing the meaning.
  102. Taking Quine One Step Further
  103. Immanent Transformation
  105. Existence
  106. Perniciousness of Hope
  107. Can anyone confute the following?
  108. Top Evil People List
  109. Power Discussion
  110. Is The The Universe A Hologram?
  111. If Earth's evolution did NOT include the human species...
  112. beautiful boy
  113. the blue pill people
  114. Attention simulacrums
  115. Reality's Bill of Rights
  116. The Matrix
  117. infinity in numbers
  118. What does Spirit mean to You?
  119. That at least one god exists
  120. Three Wishes
  121. can humans evolve any more
  122. a simple but tricky question
  123. Does death bother you?
  124. objectifying experience
  125. A tremendous peace or hurricane in the making.
  126. what does the world mean to you?
  127. existentialist theory is essay form
  128. Kant and the unity of space and time
  129. The Real Mabus
  130. Textbook for the Uberman
  131. Reality?
  132. Reality?
  133. Causeless Cause
  134. please help!
  135. Aesthetics, and the Great Ideas
  136. Fear leads to Anger?
  137. The Historical Nietzsche and the Nietzsche Legend
  138. Don't fool your self
  139. Is it possible?
  140. Esctacy
  141. Ecstacy??
  142. An observation of the power of faith
  143. Odd Thought
  144. Schizophrenia
  145. "Free Will"
  146. Does any one know know: What is the metaphysics of John Locke?
  147. The "purpose" of humanity
  148. Clesestine Phrophecy.
  149. Questions for the future
  150. Special powers/ shaman
  151. Life after Death?
  152. Existentialism
  153. Atlantis
  154. Evolutions affect on class values/monuments
  155. Nicholas Berg
  156. Against Metaphysics
  157. Does Dolly the sheep have a soul?
  159. Memories after death?
  160. Does the value of life itself diminish when a person believes in an afterlife?
  161. What is the meaning of Life?
  162. Enlightenment - what is it?
  163. Wisdom: knowledge or false sense of authority?
  164. I
  165. Scientific realism and the Success argument
  166. Existentialism John Paul Sartre
  167. Philosopher to Saint
  168. the meaning of everything or an idea
  169. Who is more free?
  170. My philosophies.
  171. what makes you, you?
  172. Favorite Philosophers
  173. The Broken Clock Analogy
  174. An accurate answer to the question "What is your philosophy?'
  175. Can you relate this analogy?
  176. X-isms
  177. Is a cloud a single thing or many?
  178. Meditation
  179. What's your take on this statement...
  180. The Box
  181. Does the "calm" state give us the most accurate perception of the truth?
  182. My concept of the ideal/material realms...
  183. You
  184. All reality, the perverbial tree?
  185. Do we truly have the capacity of choice?
  186. If u question free will, do you question good or bad karma also?
  187. The universe is governed by a single equation
  188. genetic relationship = belong to parents? Or do we actually belong to mother earth?
  189. Kierkegaard
  190. Does god play dice?
  191. "Everything imagined, is real"
  192. The one/spirit/pure knowing seperates into the knower(awareness)and the known(verse).
  193. are breast augmentations the answer to being barbie?
  194. Even all participants in a hostage/terrorist situation are a collective consciousness
  195. I don't know if this has been discussed here before...
  196. 2 Questions
  197. Shedding this reality for a created version
  198. Belief, the power to rewrite destiny in an instant
  199. A math related question
  200. A riddle...When and how can you go somewhere without moving?
  201. Are our languages too primitive to keep up with current philosophy?
  202. What does it truly mean to act in somebodies self-interest?
  203. What types of knowledge cannot be reached with reason?
  204. Are there any areas of life in which NOT knowing is more valuable than knowing?
  205. Why science is inherently flawed
  206. What if death won't be what we used to think about?!
  207. Is truth really relative?
  208. Personal Spiritual Experiences
  209. Philosophy: The Career Path
  210. Wisdom
  211. The most simple model of thought?
  212. Intellectual Whores
  213. What would the CTMU have to say about it?
  214. What’s the meaning of death?
  215. are we all, as human beings, subject to decay, disease, and death?
  216. Foucalt
  217. Cloning Synchronisity Problem: The Mirror Paradox
  218. is'nt there any one who can give me a hand
  219. 3 questions didnt solve for me
  220. haven't you test it before?if you havent,naw you can test it!
  221. strange but true?!?!?!
  222. Experimentation & Creation
  223. Glass Half Full?
  224. Do we construct our memes or do they find and construct us?
  225. Can hallucinogenic drugs enhance thinking?
  226. Consciousness, inverted
  227. ideas of everthing
  228. Olympics, the frontier of human potential. What we we be capable of in a 1000yrs?
  229. What do we (atheists) sacrafice for dispassionate rationallity? Is it worth it?
  230. Take the money and run!
  231. Who says repitition is death?
  232. Procrastination and the false self
  234. Frequent Questions that are in Every Mind...
  235. Imagine
  236. Without awarness, what would one have?
  237. negative/positive views/beliefs dictate what we notice in reality
  238. Ignorance & The Ego
  239. The Non-Paradoxical Nature of Paradoxes
  240. Cloning - Ethics - Morality - Souls?
  241. holy ghost in the machine
  242. Answer please....
  243. What is culture?
  244. Are the answers known at all times?
  245. The Most Evil Question In All of Philosophy
  246. Passion of the heist
  247. why care
  248. Knowledge
  249. Is it possible to hold contradictory beliefs?
  250. what is life for