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  1. The Inevitability of Human Immortality
  2. How Humans Began
  3. Mass Destruction
  4. Eutopia
  5. The lies in American History
  6. Society
  7. Earth's Chimera
  8. Useful Resources & Links on Humanity
  9. The First Americans
  10. Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  11. are we in the golden age?
  12. A very controversial idea
  13. Global Government: Autocracy vs Democracy vs ?
  14. Mystery of The Hebrew.
  15. The Colonies of Planet Earth
  16. Socialism
  17. U.S. after 9/11
  18. Olympics and human spirit
  19. evolution
  20. Did Jewish families help Hitler obtain power?
  21. Widespread war and famine by 2020?
  22. Voluntary Human Extinction Movement
  23. Atlantis: Fact or Fiction?
  24. Hubberts Peak and the collapse of civilization
  25. Question
  26. The Armageddon
  27. Problems With Evolution
  28. Government chip implants
  29. What if the Axis powers won WWII?
  30. You make the laws!
  31. Question for parents...
  32. Should ugly people be allowed to procreate?
  33. Human Functionality
  34. Longevity and Stable Civilizations
  35. Racism?
  36. Wal-Mart and Society
  37. Global Warming, or simply sign of end times?, You be the judge!
  38. Evolutions of Humanity
  39. Christian vs. Muslim Societies
  40. What Really Caused World War 1?
  41. Mother Teresa—was she a good person or a first class Bitch?
  42. The Real Adolf Hitler
  43. What Really Caused World War 2?
  44. Hero Or Rat ?
  45. Rules And Regulations
  46. Cat is out of bag!
  47. The End Of The World
  48. Social Manipulation
  49. How to Run Your Own Government
  50. Obesity
  51. A Look at Zionism
  52. Quick post regarding WW2...
  53. Why is "ass-kicking" considered cool in movies?
  54. Why are "two girls kissing" more openly accepted than "two guys kissing"?
  55. Israel: Light unto the Nations.
  56. Ninjas (truth)
  57. Government Involvement in Daily Life!
  58. Why do women change their surname?
  59. What has happened to the way we speak?
  60. Visions of Utopia
  61. questions on shared consciousness
  62. Here's a challenge
  63. Metric of 'worth'
  64. School Budget
  65. Big Bro is watching
  66. Biggest Threat to World Peace?
  67. Our generation
  68. Homo Sapiens or Homo Horribilis?
  69. Child Labor
  70. Sex culture and 12 year olds
  71. media problems
  72. Hyprocritical life - accept some or reject them all
  73. Social Progress
  74. The Demon Drink?
  75. "Mega-corps" Super-sized companies
  76. Professional Image - Social Acceptance
  77. Who will dictate the future?
  78. What if the South had won?
  79. Democratic school
  80. Why do so many atheists believe in concepts like patriotism and love?
  81. "My son the 11-year-old drag queen"(gay-positive and written by a straight Christian)
  82. It is possible to marry the dead in France
  83. The Long, Long Trip to Bountiful
  84. How long will human beings be around?
  85. Should marijuana/other drugs be leagalized?
  86. Communal Dynamics--A theory about social interactions
  87. End of the World
  88. Is our society cuddle deprived? Are cuddle parties the answer?
  89. As Repression Eases, More Iranians Change Their Sex
  90. genetically created super-humans = class war
  91. The next revolution. What will follow the waning Pax-Americana?
  92. Defining yourself ethnically, socially, and racially
  93. Women, Men, and Emotions
  94. Article: Internet gives teen bullies the power to hurt others on boards and websites
  95. hope...in love
  96. Can it be argued from any discipline that women are superior to men?
  97. What is your favorite non-American/non-Western food?
  98. "Feel the Hate" (Paul Krugman on the Republican Convention)
  99. "Heads in the Sand" (Bob Herbert on the Republican Convention)
  100. Fightin' Words
  101. Do you know someone like this? My longstanding, odd, beautiful friendship with Berta
  102. no to gender superiority and gays (my point of view)
  103. Thread for people who hate sports/gyms and their admirers
  104. To whom does the genious owe it to bring their talents to fruition?
  105. The History of the Deline and Fall of the Roman Empire set number 659
  106. Birthdays are illogical
  108. Linguistic breakdown of my 61 ESL students
  109. Secret societies
  110. Divorce and Kids
  111. Wana Be Gangstaz
  112. new future possibilites!!
  113. Money...what would you do?
  114. If you had to rule the world, name two people you'd assign to assist you and why.
  116. Question for Gemel
  117. woman in mens cloths
  118. The struggle for success
  119. Greed: Capitalism's Necessary Evil
  120. Thought Experiment
  121. Down with Nationalism!
  122. FrostCloud is too subjective
  123. Two things are infinite. . .
  124. What is education
  125. World without money
  126. Uncertain where to put this but...
  127. More anthropological finds - hobbits!
  128. Police Force
  129. North Pole is in Danger!!
  130. Your Dream World
  131. Hello. Can u guys tell the difference in a sober me to a stoned me?
  132. Martha Stewart Stories, by your pal Frish
  133. loss of creativity
  134. Value
  135. A Strange Epiphany
  136. Christmas!!!
  137. Asexual
  138. For women only
  139. Have humans reached this level of development before?
  140. Demonstrators!
  142. for men only
  143. Women...this isn't for you...stay away
  144. Ethics and Detatchment
  145. Postmodern structure?
  146. How important is intelligence
  147. is brave new world a good idea?
  148. What Would You Do?
  149. dum moves
  150. Is the USA stingy?
  151. a sustainable society
  152. How Humanity need be on a "going forward business case" if we are to suvive!
  154. What About The Iraqi Children?
  155. Robo Sapiens
  156. a place
  157. tsumami
  158. Arranged Marriages
  159. Soul-utions (and Morality)
  160. Entertainment ethics
  161. Future Olympic Games
  162. Enzyme Consciousness,...a social issue
  163. the Human Drama
  165. www.NoMarriage.com
  166. I Love Real Americans
  167. michel jackson
  168. A Course in Consciousness
  169. Women Martyrs
  170. decision making
  171. Can We End Terrorism?
  172. The Bottom Line
  173. Leading Killer of Women?
  174. Interesting/odd/questionable laws
  175. WEED
  176. Two Income Households Without Children Are Different. DUH!
  177. Should Pinochet stand trial
  178. Homeschooling
  179. Online gamer killed for selling virtual weapon
  180. Golden Palace Casino
  181. "American" and "unAmerican"
  182. I once drank out of the "wrong" drinking fountain!
  183. Society vs. Telemarketers
  184. Crazy sleeping pills
  185. Use Of Profanity
  186. a Living Saint
  187. the peter princible
  188. Neuclear Holocaust
  189. Earth Day Warning
  190. Xian's Threaten Microsoft,...and Win!
  191. Love Story
  192. Necessary Evils
  193. MPDC versus Kolriss, Wasss, UP!
  194. Engineer in charge ?
  195. Archeological help please!
  196. Symbols
  197. Inevitable extinction of humanity (sooner not later!) Parents: this thread's not 4U!
  198. Why are humans fighting each over,when an alien race could be heading this way now.
  199. Gay and lesbian parents are as capable to raise children as heterosexual parents.
  200. Here's Mud In Your Eye
  201. Meat Space
  202. Love as order
  203. Human Society
  204. Secret Message
  205. Incompetent People
  206. Radio National
  207. Homeschooling (condensed)
  208. Marriage dreams when fails !!!
  209. Just a thought for people to experiment with...
  210. Cuba after Fidel?
  211. Immigrants do not overwhelm US healthcare - study
  212. Privacy and Voyeurism. No, not that Voyeurism.
  213. Life in 2019
  214. Irony
  215. Officer, friend -- down
  216. Industrial Society Destroys Mind and Environment
  218. $5.15 per gallon?
  219. Governments and their People
  220. Pain
  222. Annoying: The Future Of The Human Race
  223. Second bright-ray heading your way
  224. Second bright-ray heading your way
  225. Is the U.S. to big for a true democracy?
  226. Fanciful Ray, Heading Your Way!
  227. Earth Heating
  228. Better lives in Afghanastan
  229. Being poor is ...
  230. Im a girl and I dont even know why...
  231. To discourse, or not to discourse.
  232. Katrina disaster caught by the people living it
  233. Korliss,I seek counsel with you
  234. Bigotry is official policy in Florida
  235. The Republican War on Science
  236. New Cronenberg film explores American violence
  237. Katrina spending to be as much as Iraq war
  238. Grading Cities
  239. Regional trends: Why the crime/poverty trends in specific US regions?
  240. Teaching History
  241. Liberation or Enslavement?
  242. Peeing statues in Prague write out famous quotes
  243. Lawdogs
  244. For your mental health this winter, Mr. Beer !
  245. Shane Koyczan and Volunteering
  246. Dark Ages
  247. Muslims and the Holocaust
  248. How Korliss kicked MPDC ass in debates
  249. Why are the yanks so stupid!
  250. Are we really to blame?