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  1. Flies get 'mind-control sex swap'
  2. Stars born in galactic wilderness
  3. More doubt on cosmic climate link
  4. Soyuz spacecraft returns to Earth
  5. Kew to open botanical art gallery
  6. Dedicated satellite for Vietnam
  7. Catching corals' spectacular moment
  8. Captive tigers 'may save species'
  9. Coral spawn turns Palau seas pink
  10. Massive wind energy plan refused
  11. First contact to earthquake zone
  12. Bionic eye 'blindness cure hope'
  13. Leaders warn on biofuels and food
  14. UN food chief urges crisis action
  15. Dull jobs really do numb the mind
  16. High calorie diet linked to boys
  17. Summit calls for climate targets
  18. Species loss 'bad for our health'
  19. UK butterflies 'need good summer'
  20. Heart cells cultured in the lab
  21. Human line 'nearly split in two'
  22. Hints of methane's renewed rise
  23. Climate 'fix' could deplete ozone
  24. Mission to prove Europe's sat-nav
  25. Europe launches sat-nav tester
  26. Colossal squid out of the freezer
  27. Gene therapy 'aids youth's sight'
  28. Warming 'affecting poor children'
  29. Nature's carbon balance confirmed
  30. Device 'spins silk like spiders'
  31. Science cuts 'hit UK reputation'
  32. Colossal squid goes under knife
  33. Nuclear's CO2 cost 'will climb'
  34. Next decade 'may see no warming'
  35. Electronics' 'missing link' found
  36. Study sheds light on spider sex
  37. Hubble flight slips by 4-5 weeks
  38. Tropics insects 'face extinction'
  39. Genes 'up Indians' obesity risk'
  40. Mangrove loss 'left Burma exposed'
  41. Flood risk fear over key UK sites
  42. Cod fall may speed 'toxic tide'
  43. Platypus genetic code unravelled
  44. EU's sat-nav pioneer calls home
  45. 'No bias' against UK astronauts
  46. Flowers 'wave' at passing insects
  47. Great tits cope well with warming
  48. New batch of walruses gets tagged
  49. Cash cuts see green grants halved
  50. Microwaves 'cook ballast aliens'
  51. Virtual telescope opens night sky
  52. Sloth's lazy image 'a myth'
  53. Europe could get manned spaceship
  54. US lists polar bear as threatened
  55. Evolution rolls on for Mars rover
  56. Wildlife populations 'plummeting'
  57. Ancestors had leg-up to trees
  58. 'Fewer hurricanes' as world warms
  59. Laser heats up the fusion future
  60. Go-ahead for Iceland's whale hunt
  61. 'Asbestos warning' on nanotubes
  62. Aviation impacts 'hotly disputed'
  63. Exploding star caught in the act
  64. Japan to probe whale meat 'theft'
  65. Sharks swim closer to extinction
  66. Methane rise points to wetlands
  67. Vast cracks appear in Arctic ice
  68. Mars probe set for risky landing
  69. Mars lander is 'in good health'
  70. Berlin unveils 'crewed spaceship'
  71. Monkey's brain controls robot arm
  72. Nature loss 'to hurt global poor'
  73. Stonehenge 'a long-term cemetery'
  74. Countdown to UK military launch
  75. Japanese hopes ride on Discovery
  76. Tiniest extrasolar planet found
  77. UN sets out food crisis measures
  78. Marked-up birds become sexier, exude testosterone (AP)
  79. Space station residents to fix toilet (AP)
  80. Communications glitch delays Mars lander digging (AP)
  81. Astronauts get ready for spacewalk (AP)
  82. Egypt uncovers 'missing' pyramid of a pharaoh (AP)
  83. Japan's space lab about to get bigger (AP)
  84. Mars lander poised to bake soil, then test it (AP)
  85. Caribbean monk seal becomes extinct (AP)
  86. Shuttle astronauts prepare robot arm for 1st use (AP)
  87. Shuttle astronauts to go on final spacewalk (AP)
  88. Astronauts to finish tasks with new station lab (AP)
  89. Mars lander scientists to try last soil shake (AP)
  90. Scientists find monkeys who know how to fish (AP)
  91. Atlas shows effects of climate change on Africa (AP)
  92. With lab delivered, shuttle leaves space station (AP)
  93. Ancient cave linked to early Christians in Jordan (AP)
  94. Astronauts get time off as flight winds down (AP)
  95. NASA engineers inspect floating object, protrusion (AP)
  96. Explorers find 1780 British warship in Lake Ontario (AP)
  97. Shuttle returns to Earth after 14-day mission (AP)
  98. Study: Chimps calm each other with hugs, kisses (AP)
  99. Utah announces 'major dinosaur fossil discovery' (AP)
  100. Utah announces 'major dinosaur fossil discovery' (AP)
  101. Scientists fighting disease with climate forecasts (AP)
  102. Genetically modified mosquitoes may combat malaria (AP)
  103. Scientists believe Mars lander exposed ice crumbs (AP)
  104. Scientists ponder whether ice on Mars ever melted (AP)
  105. Zoos ask, what to do with an aged lemur? (AP)
  106. Can the Martian arctic support extreme life? (AP)
  107. NASA warming scientist: 'This is the last chance' (AP)
  108. Plastics expert wins $500K Lemelson-MIT award (AP)
  109. Fossil of most primitive 4-legged creature found (AP)
  110. Project to dissect cocoa genome, protect crop (AP)
  111. No-fishing zones studied for ecosystem protection (AP)
  112. Mars lander finds salty environment in taste test (AP)
  113. Navy approves plan for sonar training off Hawaii (AP)
  114. This summer may see first ice-free North Pole (AP)
  115. Scientists: Nothing to fear from atom-smasher (AP)
  116. Researchers make noises of pre-Columbian society (AP)
  117. Sea turtle Dylan is released back into the wild (AP)
  118. Canary in a tux? Penguin woes signal sea problems (AP)
  119. Study finds long benefit in illegal mushroom drug (AP)
  120. Space probes show solar system dented, not round (AP)
  121. Mars lander's next bake test could be its last (AP)
  122. Scientists: Watermelon yields Viagra-like effects (AP)
  123. Merger of US earth sciences agencies proposed (AP)
  124. Syria returns stolen marble artifact to Iraq (AP)
  125. UN chief to G8: climate change, food crisis linked (AP)
  126. Study: Orangutan populations declining sharply (AP)
  127. Grief leads father to create bomb-defusing robot (AP)
  128. G-8 endorses halving global emissions by 2050 (AP)
  129. NASA sets date for final shuttle mission in 2010 (AP)
  130. Developing economies don't back G-8 climate goal (AP)
  131. DNA in JonBenet case left behind in skin cells (AP)
  132. Astronauts handling explosives on daring spacewalk (AP)
  133. Ancient Rome's she-wolf statue not so ancient? (AP)
  134. Mars bake test hastened after oven short circuit (AP)
  135. Yellow submarine: Unmanned sub studies ocean (AP)
  136. Cancer forces Tasmanian devils to breed earlier (AP)
  137. Mystery insect bugging experts at London museum (AP)
  138. Astronauts take another spacewalk for tamer job (AP)
  139. Cathedral dig yields finds from 1700s New Orleans (AP)
  140. Researchers report toadfish sing to attract mates (AP)
  141. Tiny bug threatens California citrus industry (AP)
  142. Hundreds of baby penguins found dead in Brazil (AP)
  143. Hundreds of baby penguins found dead in Brazil (AP)
  144. Hundreds of baby penguins found dead in Brazil (AP)
  145. Scholars plan to reunite ancient Bible online (AP)
  146. Researcher says Gulf dead zone bigger than ever (AP)
  147. Unknown disease killing off Florida's state tree (AP)
  148. N.M. cavers chart unique `snowy' river of crystals (AP)
  149. Scientists expose mystery behind northern lights (AP)
  150. Scientists expose mystery behind northern lights (AP)
  151. New space race heats up with unveiling of aircraft (AP)
  152. New space race heats up with unveiling of aircraft (AP)
  153. Carter's new fight, over Ga. dams, a familiar one (AP)
  154. Floods strip Midwest of tons of valuable topsoil (AP)
  155. Virgin Galactic shows off mothership aircraft (AP)
  156. Inventor says jet packs ready to take off (AP)
  157. 7-square-mile ice sheet breaks loose in Canada (AP)
  158. 2,100-year-old gadget tracked Olympics (AP)
  159. NASA says liquid confirmed on Saturn's moon Titan (AP)
  160. Phoenix lander confirms ice in Martian soil (AP)
  161. Researchers may have found cosmic Rosetta stone (AP)
  162. Chinese cheered by eclipse a week before Olympics (AP)
  163. CDC understated number of new HIV infections in US (AP)
  164. FBI investigates new attacks on Calif. scientists (AP)
  165. Invasive species bills stuck in Congress (AP)
  166. Martian soil may contain detrimental substance (AP)
  167. Booger is back: Woman receives 5 cloned puppies (AP)
  168. Possible Shakespearean theater found in London (AP)
  169. Bulgarian archaeologists discover ancient chariot (AP)
  170. Scientists produce stem cells for 10 diseases (AP)
  171. Barbadians slam discovery, naming of tiny snake (AP)
  172. Poof! Scientists closer to invisibility cloak (AP)
  173. Nature group says humpback whales recovering (AP)
  174. Can NY infrastructure handle floods, intense heat? (AP)
  175. Venomous lionfish prowls fragile Caribbean waters (AP)
  176. Ocean dead zones become a worldwide problem (AP)
  177. Remains of cemetery found in Sahara (AP)
  178. Worrying invasive snail found in Lake Michigan (AP)
  179. Canada to search for Arctic explorer's ships (AP)
  180. In Germany, wandering whale creates wonderment (AP)
  181. Mummified remains from 1948 plane crash identified (AP)
  182. Iran tests rocket for future launch of satellite (AP)
  183. Researchers say numbers aren't needed to count (AP)
  184. Stem cell advance may help transfusion supplies (AP)
  185. NASA fixes moonship shaking with shock absorbers (AP)
  186. Mexico starts campaign to save endangered porpoise (AP)
  187. At top of Greenland, new worrisome cracks in ice (AP)
  188. NASA destroys rocket after failed launch (AP)
  189. QinetiQ says it has broken unmanned flight record (AP)
  190. Research aims to put tongues in control of devices (AP)
  191. Cows seem to know which way is north (AP)
  192. Arctic sea ice drops to 2nd lowest level on record (AP)
  193. Cells change identity in promising breakthrough (AP)
  194. Gustav headed for current that fuels big storms (AP)
  195. Plague threatens prairie dogs, endangered ferrets (AP)
  196. UN chief: Next US president must lead on climate (AP)
  197. Border Patrol also guards against foreign bugs (AP)
  198. Atlanta panda cub put in incubator for monitoring (AP)
  199. Tropical quartet: 4 storms with more to come (AP)
  200. 19-square-mile ice sheet breaks loose in Canada (AP)
  201. 19-square-mile ice sheet breaks loose in Canada (AP)
  202. NASA moves space shuttle Atlantis to launch pad (AP)
  203. ESA spacecraft set for flyby of Steins asteroid (AP)
  204. European spacecraft flys by asteroid, camera stops (AP)
  205. High-resolution satellite launched in California (AP)
  206. CERN fires up new atom smasher to near Big Bang (AP)
  207. Hubble shuttle flight faces higher space junk risk (AP)
  208. Hubble shuttle flight faces higher space junk risk (AP)
  209. Scientists in Switzerland to do the monster smash (AP)
  210. Cold water rings dinner bell for West Coast salmon (AP)
  211. Scientists beaming after test of big atom smasher (AP)
  212. With Ike, size matters for killer storm surge (AP)
  213. Group: Global warming could cost Ohio its buckeyes (AP)
  214. WWF: Melting Arctic adds urgency to climate deal (AP)
  215. NASA awards $485M Mars project delayed by conflict (AP)
  216. Federal study says grizzlies thriving in Montana (AP)
  217. ND researchers hope to find complete croc skeleton (AP)
  218. Scientists to use satellites to count kangaroo rats (AP)
  219. Stressed plants produce an aspirin-like chemical (AP)
  220. Space shuttle moved to launch pad as rescue ship (AP)
  221. Space shuttle moved to launch pad as rescue ship (AP)
  222. CERN: Damage to new collider forces 2-month halt (AP)
  223. Small accidents mean big trouble for supercollider (AP)
  224. UK experts say Stonehenge was place of healing (AP)
  225. UK experts say Stonehenge was place of healing (AP)
  226. Now viewing: Long-lost Einstein telescope restored (AP)
  227. Russian technicians to aid China's spacewalk (AP)
  228. Colorful study probes climate change, fall foliage (AP)
  229. China launches mission for first spacewalk (AP)
  230. Scientists seek volunteers to monitor for quakes (AP)
  231. Chinese spacewalk mission enters orbit (AP)
  232. Chinese astronaut makes nation's first spacewalk (AP)
  233. China space mission returns after first spacewalk (AP)
  234. SpaceX launches 1st commercial rocket into orbit (AP)
  235. NASA may delay mission to repair Hubble telescope (AP)
  236. Mars lander finds minerals suggesting past water (AP)
  237. Feds propose listing 48 Hawaiian species at once (AP)
  238. Study traces AIDS virus origin to 100 years ago (AP)
  239. Experts warn species in peril from climate change (AP)
  240. Group seeks protection for ugly New England fish (AP)
  241. Strippers, armadillos inspire Ig Nobel winners (AP)
  242. Astronaut's diary goes on display in Jerusalem (AP)
  243. Elderly turtle pair fails to produce offspring (AP)
  244. AP Investigation: Ike environmental toll apparent (AP)
  245. AP Investigation: Ike environmental toll apparent (AP)
  246. Scientists: 1 in 4 mammals faces extinction (AP)
  247. Small asteroid headed for light show over Africa (AP)
  248. Nobel physics prize goes to 2 Japanese, 1 American (AP)
  249. Future of flagship Mars mission up in the air (AP)
  250. 1 Japanese, 2 Americans win Nobel chemistry prize (AP)