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  1. Many captive tigers are of purebred ancestry; finding raises their conservation value
  2. Birds announce their sentry duty to help comrades get a good meal
  3. Intelligence and rhythmic accuracy go hand in hand
  4. 'Extinct' elephant may have been found again -- on a different island
  5. Rat study suggests why teens get hooked on cocaine more easily than adults
  6. Lizard hunting styles impact ability to walk, run
  7. Brain reacts to fairness as it does to money and chocolate
  8. Shell-breaking crabs lived 20 million years earlier than thought
  9. Ugandan monkeys harbor evidence of infection with unknown poxvirus
  10. Human brain appears 'hard-wired' for hierarchy
  11. Mechanisms of memory identified
  12. Infant Carrying Ruled Out As Reason Why Early Humans Walked Upright, According To New
  13. Insects use plant like a telephone
  14. Molecular Analysis Confirms Tyrannosaurus Rex's Evolutionary Link To Birds
  15. Pathway found that lets mosquitoes fatten up, slow down for winter
  16. Scientists call for more access to biotech crop data
  17. Freshwater Herring Had Salty Origin
  18. Dinosaurs Probably Lacked Tissue To Generate Heat
  19. First nanoscale image of soil reveals an 'incredible' variety, rich with patterns
  20. Ancient Ecosystems Organized Much Like Our Own
  21. Ancient ecosystems organized much like our own
  22. Bison can thrive again, study says
  23. New species discovered in Brazil
  24. It's a unisex brain with specific signals that trigger 'male' behavior
  25. Roaring bats
  26. Decoding the dictionary: Study suggests lexicon evolved to fit in the brain
  27. Not just for the monkeys: New publication shows evolution is everywhere
  28. Birdsongs give insights into learning new behaviors
  29. Male seahorses are nature's Mr. Mom, Texas A&M researchers say
  30. Dwarf cloud rat rediscovered after 112 years
  31. Bees disease -- 1 step closer to finding a cure
  32. Dinosaur Bones Reveal Ancient Bug Bites
  33. Saving frogs before it's too late
  34. Genome Sequence Of Fungus Reveals Unsuspected Ability To Use Complex Carbon Sources
  35. Seagulls: Are males the weaker sex?
  36. Animal Interaction Behind Cambrian Explosion? 'Missing' Ancestors Of Today's Animals
  37. Does the brain control muscles or movements?
  38. St. Jude finds 'dancing' hair cells are key to humans' acute hearing
  39. What's bugging locusts?
  40. Dying bats in the Northeast remain a mystery
  41. Tomato stands firm in face of fungus
  42. Genetics Confirm Oral Traditions Of Druze In Israel
  43. Ancient Protein Offers Clues To Killer Condition
  44. Mice Can Do Without Humans' Most Treasured Genes
  45. Rapid, Dramatic 'Reverse Evolution' Documented In Tiny Fish Species
  46. Climbing As Easy As Walking For Smaller Primates
  47. Geneticists Trace The Evolution Of St. Louis Encephalitis
  48. New Tool To Understand Evolution Of Multi-domain Genes Developed
  49. World First Discovery: Genes From Extinct Tasmanian Tiger Function In A Mouse
  50. Debate Over The Origin Of Frogs And Salamanders Settled With Discovery Of Missing Lin
  51. New Statistical Method Reveals Surprises About Our Ancestry
  52. New Research Forces U-turn In Population Migration Theory
  53. Fundamental Building Block In Flowering Plants Evolved Independently, Yet Almost Iden
  54. Altruism In Social Insects Is A Family Affair
  55. Living Fossils Have Long- And Short-term Memory Despite Lacking Brain Structures Of M
  56. Genetic Mutation Linked To Walking On All Fours
  57. Evolution Of An Imprinted Domain In Mammals
  58. Are microbes the answer to the energy crisis?
  59. Researchers block transmission of malaria in animal tests
  60. Tamoxifen might be effective in the treatment of Leishmania amazonensis infections
  61. MIT researchers unravel bacteria communication pathways
  62. Salmonella: Trickier than we imagined
  63. Scientists discover DNA knot keeps viral genes tightly corked inside shell
  64. Yale researchers discover Legionnaire microbe's tricks
  65. Mayo researchers discover how measles virus spreads (in its host)
  66. Viruses hitch a ride in the cell
  67. Food scientists confirm commercial product effectively kills bacteria in vegetable wa
  68. Nanotubes could help study retrovirus transmission between human cells
  69. Bacterial resistance is futile against wound-cleaning laser
  70. Worms do calculus to find meals or avoid unpleasantness
  71. New antibiotic beats superbugs at their own game
  72. Simian foamy virus found to be widespread among chimpanzees
  73. Pandemic mutations in bird flu revealed
  74. Hepatitis C virus may need enzyme's help to cause liver disease
  75. New study sheds light on how intracellular pathogens trigger the immune system
  76. Virulence factor that induces fatal Candida infection identified
  77. A viral cloaking device
  78. New evidence of battle between humans and ancient virus
  79. 90 billion tons of microbial organisms live in the deep biosphere
  80. Yale researchers uncover West Nile's targets
  81. Early treatment is key to combating hepatitis C virus
  82. UCR graduate student discovers, names bacterium linked to psyllid yellows
  83. How flesh-eating bacteria attack the body's immune system
  84. Biologists find diatom to reduce red tide's toxicity
  85. Malaria researchers identify new mosquito virus
  86. How does bluetongue virus survive through the winter?
  87. Scientists examine bird flu infections to monitor for 'pandemic' mutations
  88. 'Superbug' breast infections controllable in nursing mothers, UT Southwestern researc
  89. Virus weaves itself into the DNA transferred from parents to babies
  90. Scientists uncover Ebola cell-invasion strategy
  91. New paper sheds light on bacterial cell wall recycling
  92. Bacteria's sticky glue is clue to vaccine says scientist
  93. Brewing better beer: Scientists determine the genomic origins of lager yeasts
  94. Purifying parasites with light
  95. Study reveals how viruses collectively decide the fate of a bacterial cell
  96. Serious disease in pet lizards caused by new bacteria
  97. Pitt research indicates new virus is culprit, not bystander, in deadly skin cancer
  98. Probiotic bacteria can induce monocyte-derived dendritic cells maturation?
  99. Biological sand filters, a practical approach to combat poverty and inequality
  100. Successful construction of eukaryotic plasmids containing HBV C genotype
  101. TB bacterium uses its sugar coat to sweeten its chances of living in lungs
  102. Research about plant viruses could lead to new ways to improve crop yields
  103. Don't stress! Bacterial crisis command center revealed
  104. H. Pylori bacteria may help prevent some esophageal cancers
  105. Protection for stressed-out bacteria identified
  106. Scientists identify gene that may make humans more vulnerable to pulmonary tuberculos
  107. Scientists discover bacteria that can cause bone infections
  108. Tick-borne encephalitis virus reveals its access code
  109. Cold virus found to manipulate genes
  110. Bacteria cause old buildings to feel off-color
  111. Gene against bacterial attack unravelled
  112. Predatory bacterial swarm uses rippling motion to reach prey
  113. Protein 'tubules' free avian flu virus from immune recognition
  114. Friendly bacteria reduce hospital infections
  115. Forced evolution: Can we mutate viruses to death?
  116. Battling bacteria in the blood: Researchers tackle deadly infections
  117. How household bleach works to kill bacteria
  118. Mysterious microbe plays important role in ocean ecology
  119. New bacteria discovered in raw milk
  120. How do bacteria swim? Brown physicists explain
  121. Common cold virus came from birds
  122. Bacterial biofilms as fossil makers
  123. Synthetic virus supports a bat origin for SARS
  124. Sex life of killer fungus finally revealed
  125. McGill researcher on a quest to cure disfiguring parasitic disease
  126. Metabolic reactions: Less is more in single-celled organisms
  127. Properties of unusual virus revealed in research
  128. UQ research targets West Nile virus and dengue fever
  129. New text focuses on formidable opportunistic fungus
  130. Gut instinct: Salmonella bacteria's molecular tactics to cause illness
  131. Big, old mice spread hantavirus
  132. Study: Excessive use of antiviral drugs could aid deadly flu
  133. How Toxoplasma gondii gets noticed
  134. Microbes fuel energy debate
  135. Scientists identify bacteria that increase plant growth
  136. Helicobacter pylori can multiply in autophagic vesicles
  137. Deceiving cell walls
  138. Blue light destroys antibiotic-resistant staph infection
  139. Single gene lets bacteria jump from host to host
  140. Bacteria are models of efficiency
  141. Molecules help the immune system to detect cells infected with West Nile virus
  142. Camouflaging of viral DNA could be crucial step in progression of cancers
  143. Herpes virus: To vaccinate or not to vaccinate
  144. Image pinpoints all 5 million atoms in viral coat
  145. Online collaboration identifies bacteria
  146. Scripps research team finds immune molecule that attacks wide range of flu viruses
  147. Monash scientists debug superbug
  148. Drug blocks two of world's deadliest emerging viruses
  149. Biofilms: Even stickier than suspected
  150. Einstein researchers develop novel antibiotics that don't trigger resistance
  151. No hiding place for infecting bacteria
  152. Microscope reveals how bacteria 'breathe' toxic metals
  153. Study identifies human genes required for hepatitis C viral replication
  154. Coenzyme rare to bacteria critical to Mycobacterium tuberculosis survival
  155. Gene exchange common among sex-manipulating bacteria
  156. Slow-growing TB bacteria point the way to new drug development
  157. New images of marine microbe illuminate carbon and nitrogen fixation
  158. West Nile virus studies show how star-shaped brain cells cope with infection
  159. Locking parasites in host cell could be new way to fight malaria
  160. Milestone tumor virus publication by Elsevier journal Virology
  161. '2-handed' marine microbes point to new method for isolating harmful forms of chemica
  162. DNA of uncultured organisms sequenced using novel single-cell approach
  163. Details of bacterial 'injection' system revealed
  164. New study overturns orthodoxy on how macrophages kill bacteria
  165. Avian flu research sheds light on swine flu outbreak
  166. Mosquito parasite may help fight dengue fever
  167. Scientists learn why the flu may turn deadly
  168. Novel antibody prevents infection by hepatitis C virus
  169. Swine flu genes dissimilar to past pandemics
  170. Visualizing virus replication in 3 dimensions
  171. New vaccine strategy might offer protection against pandemic influenza strains
  172. A new way of treating the flu
  173. Bacteria with a built-in thermometer
  174. How superbugs control their lethal weapons
  175. Geographic isolation drives the evolution of a hot springs microbe
  176. The immune response to influenza virus isn't 'all good'
  177. Texas A&M researchers examine 'invading' bacteria in DNA
  178. A tiny frozen microbe may hold clues to extraterrestrial life
  179. Antibiotics take toll on beneficial microbes in gut
  180. Scientists block Ebola infection in cell-culture experiments
  181. The tiny difference in the genes of bacteria
  182. Biological warfare in bacteria offers hope for new antibiotics
  183. Finding the constant in bacterial communication
  184. Munich researchers discover new target for tailored antibiotics
  185. Study links virus to some cases of common skin cancer
  186. Parasites ready to jump
  187. Marine microbes creating green waves in industry
  188. Antibodies to strep throat bacteria linked to obsessive compulsive disorder in mice
  189. Preparing for the H1N1 pandemic: a formidable foe
  190. Study reveals how a common virus eludes the immune system
  191. Piece from childhood virus may save soldiers' lives
  192. C. difficile hypervirulence genes identified
  193. In amoeba world, cheating doesn't pay
  194. Reservoir of deforming tropical disease sought
  195. Major discovery opens door to leishmania treatment
  196. Unusual bacteria help balance the immune system in mice
  197. Bacteria 'launch a shield' to resist attack
  198. Scientists visualize how bacteria talk to one another
  199. New explanation for nature's hardiest life form
  200. Biologists discover bacterial defense mechanism against aggressive oxygen
  201. Researchers establish common seasonal pattern among bacterial communities in Arctic r
  202. Scientists get up close to bacteria's toxic pumps
  203. Newly explored bacteria reveal some huge RNA surprises
  204. Papillomavirus silences innate immune response
  205. H1N1 influenza adopted novel strategy to move from birds to humans
  206. New bacterial behavior observed
  207. Eavesdropping on bacterial conversations may improve chronic wound healing
  208. New virus is not linked to chronic fatigue syndrome, suggests UK research
  209. The viruses within -- and what keeps them there
  210. Key mechanism for the proliferation of Epstein-Barr virus discovered
  211. Early immune response needed for hit-and-hide cancer viruses
  212. Membrane-coat proteins: Bacteria have them too
  213. Researchers reveal 3-D structure of bullet-shaped virus with potential to fight cance
  214. Dartmouth researchers describe how the cholera bacteria becomes infectious
  215. Further doubt cast on virus link to chronic fatigue
  216. Virus hybridization could create pandemic bird flu
  217. Bacteria divide like clockwork
  218. Dormant microbes promote diversity, serve environment
  219. U Alberta find could shield humans from influenza virus
  220. MSU scientists find bacterium can halt dengue virus transmission
  221. New technology enables machines to detect microscopic pathogens in water
  222. Toxoplasma gondii spreads in the habitat of the Iberian lynx
  223. First animals to live without oxygen discovered
  224. Hepatitis C virus interference via hepcidin synthesis
  225. Explorers census hard-to-see sea life: microbes, tiny animals key to Earth's food, ca
  226. New species of human malaria recognized
  227. Flu's evolution strategy strikes perfect balance
  228. New research into the deep ocean floor yields promising results for microbiologists
  229. Bird flu: In the plumage the secret of virus spread success
  230. Virus 'explorers' probe inner workings of the brain
  231. Nutrients, viruses and the biological carbon pump
  232. Discovery of a hepatitis C-related virus in bats may reduce outbreaks in humans
  233. A new opportunity for hepatitis C research
  234. Amid the murk of 'gut flora,' vitamin D receptor emerges as a key player
  235. New virus may pose risk to wild salmon
  236. By 'putting a ring on it,' microparticles can be captured
  237. Traveling microorganisms
  238. New genus of bacteria found living inside hydraulic fracturing wells