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  1. Nyko intros "limited edition" Kama Wii nunchucks
  2. Samsung 750-series Touch of Color LCDs due in May
  3. Keyboard-infused pants make it okay to grab your crotch
  4. Iron Man's Suit Defies Physics -- Mostly
  5. Honda helps the elderly walk like a robot
  6. Plastic made from pig urine
  7. Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04 available for download
  8. Electric Think City car sets sights on North American launch
  9. ASUS Lamborghini VX3 reviewed: not nearly as fast as the car
  10. B&O: Get your paws off our 'TouchLess' remote
  11. Crave: A Moment of Zen with the Buddha Phone
  12. CompUSA rises from dead, attacks Florida
  13. News Corp hired hacker to pirate DISH Network access cards
  14. Canon VIXIA HF11 model name turns up, imaginations run wild
  15. Coming to a Gym Near You: the Cooling Shoe, Ear Sensor and Smart Bra
  16. Pioneer gets official with its 1080p Kuro KRF-9000FD projector
  17. NASA, m2mi team up to build space-bound networking system
  18. Mexican attaché attempts to make off with White House BlackBerrys
  19. Electric sports cars from Europe delayed
  20. Joystiq goes all out with Mario Kart Wii controller comparison
  21. How would you change Samsung's YP-P2?
  22. NVIDIA VP joins the smack-talk fun, says the Intel CPU is "dead"
  23. GPS Losing Its Bearings in the Marketplace
  24. Man attempts LCD TV theft using water bottle UPC, fails
  25. Microsoft's Xbox group enjoys second quarter of profit
  26. Red Zune 80 on its way to retail
  27. Epson, Sanrio team up for two more Hello Kitty laptop designs
  28. California man builds his own solar-electric vehicle
  29. Falcon Northwest's portable FragBox 8500 gaming rig gets reviewed
  30. Sirius Starmate 5 stops by FCC, XM gets a mention
  31. Seiko Slimstick keeps tabs on your exercise routines
  32. InPhase to finally ship Tapestry 300r holographic storage solution in May
  33. Rumors swirl of Sanyo selloff to Matsushita / Panasonic
  34. Screen Grabs: Lost's Ben shoots Nikon
  35. No, Nintendo is not dropping the price on the Wii or DS
  36. Rumor: Apple Developing a New iTunes App for the iPhone
  37. Apple updates iMac as expected
  38. Gigabyte M912 low-cost laptop to feature Intel's Atom CPU
  39. HP Compaq announces dc5850 and dx2450 Business Desktops
  40. White space networking could disrupt hospital telemetry systems
  41. FCC's broadband over power lines expansion hits major snag
  42. Unlocked Blackberry 9000 spotted on eBay with new pics
  43. Samsung intros 'smallest ever' color laser printers
  44. Verbatim's new SmartDisk HDD is so small we could just eat it up
  45. Manodo's screen gives apartment dwellers the 411
  46. Microsoft gives cops COFEE: free computer forensic tools
  47. Black EeePC 900 appears in the wild, goes well with dinner
  48. Alienware's Area-51 m17x gaming laptop now on sale
  49. Fanatec intros wireless Porsche 911 Turbo Racing Wheel
  50. Microsoft developing ad-funded, senior PCs in UK
  51. T-Mobile rolling out 3G tomorrow in New York, sorry New Jersey
  52. Hercules Mobile DJ MP3 finally available for $99
  53. Samsung T10 goes floral for spring
  54. Goldmund's $300,000 Epilogue Speaker System joins Media Room
  55. Stay Juiced Anywhere in the World
  56. Creative admits it exaggerated MP3 player capacities, pays up in class-action settlem
  57. AT&T WiFi hotspots free to iPhone owners, anyone with a brain
  58. ASUS M50S multimedia laptop seen in the wild
  59. Qmotions bringing skate controllers to the 360
  60. Apple quietly enables movie purchases from Apple TV
  61. Hitachi's 1.5 UltraThin LCD HDTVs now available in US
  62. Steampunk Jeweler Makes Tiny Clockwork Tchotchkes
  63. Photos: Futuristic concept cars
  64. Personal rocket copter for your commute
  65. MSI's GX600X TurboBook gets inspected, reviewed
  66. Popcorn Hour's A-100 HD media streamer publicly available for pre-order
  67. AlphaGrip Handheld Computer concept mimics Atari Jaguar controller
  68. Digital Foci ships Image Moments 8 digiframe: for mom (or mom's mom)
  69. Movie Gadget Friday: The Road Warrior
  70. T-Mobile 3G goes live, with data (kind of)
  71. Wired.com Readers' Most-Wanted Rare Gadgets
  72. German companies developing scented text messages
  73. Robotic squirrel used to study real-life squirrel behavior, steal nuts
  74. DViCO launches PCIe-based FusionHDTV7 dual HDTV tuner card
  75. Screen Grabs: Nokia's N95 appears to appear on the small screen
  76. Microsoft pulls bid for Yahoo!, Microhoo will never be
  77. OLPC reshuffles, gets new president and COO
  78. Lenovo IdeaPad U110 overview and video
  79. Nike Dunks + WiFi = A Step in the Right Direction
  80. Los Angeles becomes home to Tesla Motors' first dealership
  81. GreenPix creates massive, self-sustaining LED display in China
  82. The Professor: GM's new old engine tech, moon mirrors, the dangers of space war debri
  83. FCC signs off on Samsung i770 -- global version of Verizon's i760?
  84. Audi aims to produce electric car within ten years
  85. Sony introduces BRAVIA V4500 LCD HDTVs in Europe
  86. Concordance enables Logitech Harmony programming in Linux
  87. Creative's Vado cheapcorder revealed by JR.com
  88. Gateway releases slew of new desktops, offers something for everyone
  89. Wired Video: How to Make Carrot 'Caviar'
  90. Archer Quinn documenting his free energy project, descent into madness
  91. Zune headed for Canada on June 13th!
  92. XRoad V7 3rd version GPS unit headed for Korea
  93. Zune TV lineup gets some NBC love
  94. Samsung SpinPoint M6 500GB laptop drive finally on sale... in France
  95. Switched On: The Linux ultraportable opportunity
  96. BT said to be prepping a "BlackBerry-style" hybrid handset
  97. Nokia's E66 and E71 in the wild!
  98. iRex launches new iLiad Book Edition e-book reader
  99. Nintendo Channel for Wii goes live
  100. MTI Micro plans fuel cells for digicams
  101. Live shots of Sony Ericsson's Paris surface, Mr. Blur mysteriously absent
  102. Criterion Collection coming to Blu-ray in October
  103. Samsung gears up to ship 46-inch "High Bright" panel
  104. Xbox 360's 65nm Jasper chipset in the works for August release?
  105. Vonage to resell Covad DSL, call it Vonage Broadband
  106. Apple has a Wiimote-type Apple TV controller in the works? We wish.
  107. Gear4 Duo iPod speaker system touts removable front panel
  108. Illusion PC hides hardware eloquently, still plays Doom
  109. Dell to replace all European Vostro 1310 and 1510 keyboards
  110. Aigo's Patriot MV5920 PMP: new visual shock, worth your small taste
  111. HTC Touch Diamond hits the FCC
  112. Motorola's Q9c finally appears for Verizon
  113. Cowon's D2 PMP now available in 16GB form
  114. Carl Freer dishes dirt on the new Gizmondo
  115. Canon Rebel XSi review roundup
  116. With Motorcycles, Eco-Friendly and Badass Can Mix
  117. Apple Store's US and UK sites run dry of iPhones, 3G imminent?
  118. Samsung Glyde review roundup
  119. Terrafugia hopes to showcase drivable airplane this summer
  120. Talk to the hand via 'HandTalk'
  121. When the brain and baseball cap are one
  122. Microsoft shows off multitouch sensor prototype
  123. Photos: Upcoming electric cars
  124. Asus takes user interface to the next level
  125. iRobot sets sights at sea
  126. Photos: Snappy new tech from HP Labs
  127. Crave: Underwater Cell Phones and Nicknames for Natali!
  128. Photos: Volkswagen HyMotion fuel cell vehicle
  129. Images: Death to the beige box
  130. Tenori-On now shipping in U.S.
  131. Crave: Natali Del Conte Crave's the iPhone 3G
  132. Unboxing the Tenori-On
  133. Robot snakes slither forward
  134. You could be Professor X in 2010 with this Wii
  135. Sony shows off some of its latest HDTV technology
  136. Roller coaster meets the hamster wheel
  137. Drobo now wants to robotize your style
  138. Photos: Yamaha Tenori-On
  139. Photos: Yamaha Tenori-On
  140. Google: Hey, look, Radiohead's new video is cool and has lasers
  141. Lucid's Hydra to revolutionize PC graphic upgrades
  142. Yamaha Tenori-On review
  143. Nail watch: The future of telling time?
  144. IDEA award winners: From laptops to futuristic doors
  145. LCDs with drool-worthy advertising
  146. New fashions for Fall-ing
  147. Crave: Advertising that's the pits!
  148. Nissan's ECO Pedal drives you to fuel efficiency
  149. Water and electronics: Enemies no more
  150. Photos: Researchers focus on electronic eye camera
  151. Crave: Bonnie's got a new Sidekick...and it's not Brian
  152. The Invisible Man: A scientific breakthrough
  153. From inventor boot camp, gadgets that could change lives
  154. Microsoft touches up video editing
  155. My, you have such soft e-skin!
  156. Philips patent reveals smart specs for visually impaired
  157. Rat-brain controlled robot aids memory research
  158. Crave: Can you freestyle on an iPhone?
  159. Bladerunners get serious about hair
  160. Lucid's Hydra 100 shows its stuff
  161. Belkin to release new networking products
  162. VIA board powers robots in Taipei
  163. QinetiQ's Zephyr broke flight time record for unmanned aircrafts
  164. Handheld breath sensor could help detect cancer
  165. Wristband packs GPS system, music player
  166. Vote, and maybe win an Xbox
  167. The future is now: MultiTouch reveals touch-interactive LCDs
  168. Crave: A comb that helps you grow hair?
  169. Zune phone concept: Hot or not?
  170. Stephen Colbert's DNA to back up the human race
  171. Sci-fi demo of real-time visual geotag service could be just that
  172. Alaskan citizen mistakes solar-powered car for UFO
  173. NASA's Ares I passes the first test
  174. Rovio now navigating to a store near you
  175. Photos: Production Chevrolet Volt debuts
  176. A.I.-controlled helicopter: Seriously, need I say more?
  177. The 'Rochester Cube': CPUs move into the third dimension
  178. Qantus Airbus A380 designer wins London award
  179. Robot to keep boat hulls free of sea debris
  180. Travolution enables traffic lights to talk to cars
  181. MIT robot wheelchair steers clear
  182. MIT wheelchair steers clear with Wi-Fi
  183. No fib: Headband would catch lies via infrared light
  184. The smart cell key phone
  185. Is physics a key to fuel efficiency?
  186. Crave: The Brian beef begins!
  187. Crave's going to Ceatec!
  188. Nissan's little robot car: Quick like a bee
  189. Ultrasound cuff could stanch bleeding on battlefield
  190. Aerial Skyros camera snaps pics while descending
  191. A Rubik's Cube from the future!
  192. Required viewing: Sony CEO Howard Stringer on 'Charlie Rose'
  193. CityWall LCD lets users get touchy-feely
  194. Crave: There's a Storm a-brewing
  195. Space-rugged robot put to volcano test
  196. HP's inkjet tech to be used for in-home dialysis treatment
  197. HP wants to be touched...again
  198. Crave: T-Mobile's G1 and Android Invade!
  199. Lunar Rover has suits for two
  200. 23andMe named best 2008 invention
  201. Intel to unveil health care line
  202. Duplicating keys via distant digital images
  203. The weekly Crave vodcast: All good things must come to an end
  204. Take a load off with Honda's walking aid
  205. Intel inside your medical care
  206. Conceptual hands-on photography
  207. Memory goes down the nanotubes
  208. Looks like a bracelet, plays like an iPod
  209. Swedish data warehouse looks more like hidden lair
  210. Is new Bond movie antitech?
  211. World's largest zeppelin dedicated at NASA facility
  212. You speak and 'ShutterVoice' listens
  213. Microsoft's Surface to drive BMW customization
  214. Could nanotech create speech-powered phones?
  215. Apple takes the 'touch' out of multitouch
  216. HP unveils displays that yields to the touch
  217. Fuel cell power for your gadgets
  218. Will Zune do Windows Mobile? Looks likely
  219. Sneak peek at Vuzix Wrap 920AV glasses
  220. Wireless networking vendors turn Wireless-N up a notch
  221. Invisibility cloak moving closer to view?
  222. Light up that sound with SoundBulb
  223. One small step for a man, one giant leap for teleportation
  224. A trivet that talks back
  225. Linja Zax replaces 'multitouch' with one finger gestures
  226. Sony patents Surface-like photo printer
  227. Army invests $50 million in flexible displays
  228. 'Chameleon Guitar' becomes any guitar you want
  229. Toshiba drops new touchscreen smartphone
  230. Sony X-Series Walkman hands-on photos
  231. Lounge around in levitating Hoverit chair
  232. MIT's 6th Sense device could trump Apple's multitouch
  233. Check the train schedule while you eat sushi...in Japan
  234. Biometric fingerprint scanners come to Netbooks
  235. Will the iPhone do everything by 2013?
  236. Ladies, meet the Bra Dryer
  237. Time-aid watch syncs with clocks near and far
  238. Effects shop fulfills amputee's mermaid dream
  239. Sony Walkman promos are awesome, confusing
  240. Hearst to publish its periodicals electronically
  241. Asus' dual-screen concept laptop
  242. BMW developing artificially intelligent navigation
  243. Comcast runs trial Wi-Fi service at NJ transit stations
  244. This week in Crave: Skivvies, Macs, and fake eyeballs
  245. Seagate demos 6Gbps hard-drive transfer speed
  246. 'Silent Drum' makes noise at music competition
  247. The 404 297: Where Caroline McCarthy is Asian for a day
  248. USB prosthetic finger gives new meaning to thumbdrives
  249. Comcast, Sony open retail store
  250. Terrafugia's flying car makes maiden voyage