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Hillary: 2008 Presidential Election and Putin: Nuclear Threats

Posted 03-24-2008 at 07:17 PM by newtonbush
Hillary: 2008 Presidential Election and Putin: Nuclear Threats

Prince Harry in Afghanistan and Bush: Greenspan Ⅱ

By Jennie Bush in Washington
Published: 10:05am EST, Mar 19, 2008

If it is missing, please visit and view the blog on [url][/url] for the full and unabridged.
The relative focuses before the report are the new ′NBA: CIA: HOT′:
No.1 Newton Beats All: Clinton Inserts Anna; Hillary Outlives Tribulation.
NBA: Newton Beats All. CIA: Clinton Inserts Anna. HOT:Hillary Outlives Tribulation.
No.2 Newton Blesses Apple, Clinton Inverts America, and Hillary Outstrides Tide.
NBA: Newton Blesses Apple, CIA: Clinton Inverts America. HOT:Hillary Outstrides Tide.
Ulteriorly, the new ′NBA: CIA: HOT′ can be also:
No.1′ Newton Beats All: Clinton Inserts Anna. Hot!
No.2′ Newton Blesses Apple, Clinton Inverts America. Hot!

It is known that the NBA is usual the abbreviation for the National Basketball Association of the USA, the CIA is usual the abbreviation for the Central Intelligence Agefcy of the USA, and the HOT is usual not abbreviation but sexually avid.

After the focus are listed as above, let us go on the report. Moreover, the blog as above and the follows are about:
•Putin issues nuclear threat against Europe
•Hillary: 2008 Presidential Election
•Prince Harry in Afghanistan
•Prince Harry’s Expedition
•Prince’s Expedition
•Hillary Changes Poll. Obama Discerns Troll. Clinton Experiences Toll.
Bush Love Baseball. Powell Peddles War. Hitler Iterates Talk.
•Gates Donates Stock. Cheney Likes Call. Laden Enjoys Stroll.
Greenspan Weeps Fall. Blair Abominates Hall. Harry Bothers Roll.
•Newton Beats All. Galileo Drops Shots. Einstein Marks wall.
•Putin develops new Nuke
•Putin’s ′CIA′ and the CIA of the U.S.
•Putin’s ′CIA′ is ′Clinton Inserts Anna′
•How does Bush make Putin put his black hand to Laden?
•Why does Putin put his black hand to Laden?
•George WC. Bush
•Bush does not study earnestly when he is young and little
•Bush’s ignorance is inevitable tragedy but not misfortune
•Bush’s knowledge about computeracy and internet firewall are poor and ignorant
•Bush is contra-scientific, contra-general, and ignorant
•Bush is the well-known ham-handed and stupid president, why does he act so quickly this time?
•Bush is Alan Greenspan Ⅱ
•Bush is a Warmonger
•Newton’s Three Laws Development and the New ′7/5+2′ Nuclear and Space Achievements

Firstly, we have to introduce the initial affairs. According to a trustworthy insider, there is a group of anonymous multinational scientists and engineers joins up for some common and difficult focus of frontier science. They are powerful and competent in the nuclear and the space. In 2007, after they study the ′7F/B′ space motion of Halley's Comet and the ′5+2′ thermonuclear reaction carefully, the powerful team concludes and achieves a series of scientific discovery. This is the ′7/5+2′ worldbeater of scientific and technological achievements.
The powerful scientific and technological team executes combined operations to write a paper to record and expatiate on the '7/5+2' scientific and technological discoveries. This paper is THE NEW METHODS OF NATURE SCIENCE FOR NUCLEAR AND SPACE TECHNOLOGIES, the '7/5+2' paper.
In the '7/5+2' paper, the powerful scientific and technological team reveals the limitations of Newton’s three laws and accomplishes greatly revolutionary development for Newton’s three laws to be new Newton’s three laws, the '7/5+2' Newton’s three laws. The '7/5+2' Newton’s three laws are also called extended Newton’s three laws or Newton’s three laws extension.
Actually, the '7/5+2' Newton’s three laws are the upgrade and accomplishment of Newton’s three laws, too. Therefore, we can call them Newton’s three laws upgrade or accomplishment, or upgraded or accomplished Newton’s three laws.
For example, in '7/5+2' Newton’s three laws, according to comparing 'Knowledge 1' in the '7/5+2' paper to Newton's third law, the easiest to read and understand is: the forces in the universe do not always occur in equal or oppositely directed pairs; the related action and reaction are not always synchronous. Every action does not always have an equal and opposite reaction. The Newton's third law is conditioned to be a special case of the 'Knowledge 1', the '7/5+2' Newton’s third law. This is the extended Newton's third law or the Newton's third law extension.
In a general way, Newton’s three laws are conditioned to be special cases of '7/5+2' Newton’s three laws.
Ulteriorly, in the '7/5+2' paper, the powerful scientific and technological team not only develops the new space technology to improve the fuel efficiency and cut down the spaceflight cost greatly for the space shuttle, but also develops the additional '7/5+2' theories and laws for the new nuclear reaction technology. Therefore, the proper parties are easy to develop the new '2+1+2' nuclear generation of super high nuclear yield and deep-seated nuclear release in weak draught. The new nuclear generation of nuke will explode or release strange and terrible nuclear energy comparing to the current level. This will cause the new competition and revolution of nuclear science and technology.
However, the powerful and righteous team decides to contribute the '7/5+2' discoveries, aggregative collective intelligence achievement to all over the world to reciprocate the favor of mothers. Therefore, they publish the '7/5+2' paper on the website of [url][/url].

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