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Nothing Nice to Say Donít Say Anything

Posted 07-05-2008 at 08:52 AM by Pure Serenity
I was pretty much raised on the belief that if you donít have anything nice to say to someone, then donít say anything. Well thatís all fine and dandy in every day life, but at 3:35am in the morning and behind a computer screen itís a little easy to let a few Ďsarcasmsí slip.

I was once told by my last boss with a smile that I was a shit stirrer, and who isnít. In fact, who doesnít find some enjoyment from poking a few beehives to see if youíll get stung. To see how many of those bees will come out and potentially self harm themselves in the name of defence. Well, apart from potential self harm it may include, I guess I do it to brighten my day - or night - and to at least stir some brain cells in my docile mind. I have been stung in the past and will no doubt in the future, but it makes me feel alive at the very least.

I think it was said that sarcasm is the poor mans humour - well Iím not that rich and sometimes I donít really give a shit - I wouldnít say I do it in regards to having ill-will, it would be more in the vein of attacking someone without wanting to waste my time getting into a heated argument. Itís like a long rang bombing run, you drop your bombs and leave without getting into a tiresome back and forth gun fight, which usually doesnít accomplish anything that the sarcasm wouldnít have accomplished in a lot less words.

So in my opinion, if someone is being sarcastic towards me I look at it as a good thing, they have a complaint to make against me and donít want to waste my time in a long back and forth exchange of words. They want to say whats on their mind in a direct, most times amusing, way and end it there. If by some freak of nature you donít understand when someone is being sarcastic or you donít like it when they are, take a few breaths and be thankful that they donít bore you to tears with anything longer than their witty sarcasms. They could choose to call you names which is really below the belt, and quite immature, so be thankful they had the wit and effort to use sarcasm instead of insult.

After all if you donít like someone enough, the less contact you have with them the better, sarcasm keeps the contact to a minimum, so I think people should be thankful for at least that much and as the first lines state, if itís not going to be sarcasm and you have nothing nice to say, then I guess itís better if we truly donít say anything at all.
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