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Tomorrow is...

Posted 09-11-2008 at 06:13 AM by rachelklan
Updated 09-11-2008 at 08:33 AM by rachelklan
Winter came early 7 yrs ago tomorrow. It was an unexpected cold, frost that snapped and burned the precious and fragile twigs of life on our human family tree. Looking about in our post 9-11 world it is saddening to see how much we are still chilled by the frigidness of that ice storm. It isn't hard to feel the winter time in many spirits.
When we face a season of loss, we can expect the plow of sorrow to appear. It tills the field of a soul in preparation of new growth. It is our job to be ready for it; to have combed the field for things that might halt it's progress. A stone of a heart, or a bit of mental wire fencing barbed by hate can halt the cultivation, even permanently. This leaves the plow in the field to rust and not much more can be accomplished in the soul...I mean soil.
However, if the heart is cut in twain by the plow (picture a potato) it will send out new tendrils all about. Little living shoots carrying compassion, mercy, and humility. The barb fencing has no purpose. It should be carried away to the scrap heap. To have a fence is to divide, and division amongst humans, even in a single human, is directly contrary to true charity. (Aha, yes, I dare to speak it, fences are a symbol of division, POW!)
Our experiences flit about like birds freed from the gravity of the now. They let drop leavings of possibilities beyond any one mind's imaginings. These seedlings reach down into the soft soil, drinking of the liquid knowledge. At the same time they stretch up with new leaves, seeking enlightenment. This spiritual photosynthesis does not use chlorophyll as its catalyst, but rather, love.
And so, with such ideal conditions, the gardens of our souls can flourish, oxygenating the air in higher levels than the physical. As a result more of us will be empowered to awake from the stupor that loss and lack have abandoned us to. People, human people, can make good things happen with a bit more energy. It is my hope that we all work in our gardens during this time when conditions are ideal. Spring is far- but not too far! Autumn and harvest stand at the edge of our imagining. They can be thought of, they can happen! Our spirits can survive this dark winter of grief, in fact- is that a hint of green?
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