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Anticipation creeps up and smacks me in the face! Tomorrow is the big game and I am excited to no end.

My Florida Gators are gonna take the feild and kick a mud hole in Oklahoma the size of a swamp! With Tim Tebow, Percy Harvin, Jeff Demps, Marcus Rainey, Brandon James and the Pouncy twins, it doesn't seem that the sooners will even have a chance.

Though I do believe college football should have a play-off, I'm really glad how things worked out to have my boys in the championship game!

I feel sorry for the Utah Utes, clearly they deserve to be in the big game more than anyone......oh well.

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All I wanted to do was look at yer baby turkeys!

Posted 01-06-2009 at 03:52 PM by StillPond
Hiking thru the woods, I came across a family of turkeys. Some may think that a turkey is great table fare but i think of them a little more than that. The little chicks, churks, churkeys, whatever you call a baby turkey were so cute. As I moved in for a closer observation, shit hit the fan.

Mamma turkey didn't like that so much so she reared up and started chasing me around. This scared me a little so I started yelling and throwing my hands up in the air trying to make myself look big and crazy! She didn't give a shit! I had to run down to the river and jump in as if i were being stung by bees.

She stood on a rock right next to where I was now 'swimming' and would peer right at me every time i would come up for air. 'What the hell am I gonna do?' After about 15 minutes she lost interest and went back to tending her churkeys. I finally pulled my soaking wet self out of the river and started back for my truck.

As I cut thru the last section of woods to get to my vehicle I hear, 'Gobble, gobble', 'Yeah whateva!' I say to myself

I now know why so many turkeys are eaten every year......if we didn't, they would rule the world!

Gobble, gobble....
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