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Health Care? Death Care May be a More Appropriate Name

Posted 01-11-2008 at 12:49 AM by Epimetheus
Health care is a common right in the developed world. Society requires effective healthcare or sickness and disease can spread throughout the population. All developed nations have a form of socialized medicine except the United States. Even Afghanistan and Iraq have socialized medicine for their citizens provided by the United States war funds.

Health care for profit is insidious in nature. In order for heath care to be a profitable business, there needs to be bad health. To protect oneself from medical costs, one needs purchase health insurance. Without it, potential economic collapse terrorizes the uninsured. Not only does the industry profit from our misfortunes in regards to our health, but it also feasts on our fears, while raising the economic stakes by inflating profit margins. Propaganda provided by the advertising machine associated with the health/death industry turns us into consumers to profit from, rather than citizens in need of care. These messages help generate irrational fears of the unknown, granting the ‘death’ industry the powers of the parasite.

The current heath care system in the U.S. does not promote free markets. Health management organizations and insurance providers limit an insured person’s options on where and from whom they can seek out for health care by negotiating preferential provider discounts. Many plans offer incentives in the form of cheaper co-pays or deductibles to coerce members to go to one provider or doctor over another. The conspirators of the health care industry open free markets only as self-preservation mechanisms induced by the companies conjuring up the rules of the racket. The free markets create a predictable, dependable business growth model for an industry designed to take advantage of the inherent fear of death the average citizen dreads. For the health industry to have free markets, it must allow citizens to choose not only their doctors, but also the hospital with the only discrimination provided by the individual in need of care, not the insurance provider.

According to a study on Public Citizen website, American citizens could save $286 billion a year on overhead and paperwork costs. The United States already spends a higher percentage of the gross domestic product than any other country in the world on health/death care. The country also receives the dubious honor of the worst ratings on a variety of subjects, such as quality of care, efficiency of care, access to care, safe care, equity, and right care with the longest wait times for care. In other words, American health care can only get more affordable and efficient in terms of access and dependability by creating a social health care system.

Universal care would promote preventative health care rather than the reactive care we currently have. It would be in the public interest to improve the overall health of our society. The costs of the health care system would decrease as the public’s overall health increased, thereby enacting a self-reinforcing mechanism in our society to improve living standards while reducing unnecessary suffering. Measures, such as pollution control, health standards, nutrition, and other such standard would offer monetary profit as well as their current inherent individual and social worth. The lack of socialized healthcare in the United States turns everyone into victims at the mercy of the industrial heath/death care system. Many American companies and organizations, including the government, cannot afford to pay the cost of the soaring medical care costs. It is well overdue for society to take up the debate and perhaps fix the problems associated with health care, before the system is so unaffordable the entire system collapses.
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0ddity's Avatar
Health care is a common right in the developed world.
Depends on who you ask.

Originally Posted by Dragon View Post
I would rather WORRY about my family and not the guy down the street. OUR government is NOT responsible for every joe schmoes health in this nation.
Posted 01-11-2008 at 12:58 AM by 0ddity 0ddity is offline
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And where does it point to that our government has to provide for health care Epimetheus?

And it is just as immoral to force the rest of us to pay for those that can or will not stand up for themselves.
Posted 01-20-2008 at 05:56 AM by Dragon Dragon is offline
Epimetheus's Avatar
In the editorial I wrote I purposely left out the part about whether gov't should provide health care or not; I only wanted to point out how fucked the current system is.
Posted 01-21-2008 at 04:28 AM by Epimetheus Epimetheus is offline

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