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Death Note. Ending. Sucked.

Posted 07-05-2008 at 08:59 AM by Dromiceius
If you haven't seen/finished watching Death Note, you probably shouldn't read this.

I saw the ending a few hours ago. I didn't want to, really; the whole series saw an exponential increase in suckitude starting when L died. I was more than willing to pretend that the plot ended right there.

That ending would have been real. It would have been complete. The climax at that point is absolute; we're emotionally drained, and there are no unanswered questions left. With L out of the way, Light creates his perfect world in a way we can readily imagine- he'd kill off the investigation team, possibly faking his own death in the process so that he could continue working toward his own ends in secret.

Light cheats to accomplish all of this, winning the contest of wits between he and L not only through intellect, but by ruthlessly abusing the confidence and devotion of everyone around him. The last thing we see before the final credits is the red glow in his eyes and his contemptuous sneer as he looks down upon the city, knowing he has finally gotten away with everything.

...So instead of that, we have to watch ten more episodes of the same plot arc, now stale and lifeless, repeating itself with slightly different characters. On top of that, Light ends up losing not just to a child, but to a boring, insipid character that we are expected to take an interest in two thirds of the way through the series, and well after the proper ending has already come and gone.

N exposes Light. Light concedes, but argues the justification of his actions, citing a 70% decrease in crime. N responds by calling Light a sociopath, evidently being too stupid to understand the argument. Light is then shot by Matsuda. Matsuda for chrissakes.

The series that subverted so much our own tired literary conventions by giving us an abjectly sociopathic protagonist ends up betraying us with yet another mechanical affirmation of mindless, black and white morality.

It's the most cynical thing they could possibly have done, and a much "worse" ending than having the bad guy win.
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