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I'm starting this blog to give people the opportunity to post serious idea's unharrased. Legit posts can range from time travel to cancer cures. Please be respectfull of other peoples idea's, and if you see an error, point it out and suggest a possible solution. This is a place for idea's to flourish. Willingness to write about viable idea's no matter how simple or unique is what will advance our scientific knowlege.
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Robots Taking over the World?

Posted 11-25-2008 at 10:03 PM by Ethands15
October 24, 2008
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Robots often find themselves associated with taking over the world and eradicating the human species. Movie after movie has portrayed them as intelligent machines able to acquire a great deal of knowledge and understanding. So do we really have to worry about dangerous robots taking over the world? Will robots become superior to humans? This issue has already caused a great deal of controversy in the scientific community.

Many scientists believe that robots may one day acquire the ability to take over the world. Futurist Dr. Micho Kaku of the Science Channel recently said “Yes, robots may eventually take over the world. But we will have plenty of warning. Right now robots have the intelligence of a cockroach. A retarded, stupid cockroach.” He indicated that although robots may become superior to us, we should have plenty of warning while we develop them. We should notice when they start becoming hostile or when they start developing their own agendas. If we see these signs, we will implant these robots with computer chips to control their actions and shut them down if they cause trouble.

Computing has also made great strides Windows Vista already has a very smart program for playing chess. According to Moore’s Law computing intelligence doubles every 18 months. If this law remains constant, by the year 2033 our intelligence levels as humans may become inferior to that of robots. Robots might have better memories, faster thinking, and better decision-making abilities.

On top of these high intelligence levels, robots will also have superior senses. They will have night vision, thermal vision, and infrared sensors. Due to sensitive microphones, modern robots can already hear hundreds of times better than the best pair of human ears. Robots can now smell certain items thanks to research done in drug detection work. And, according to , robots may even come up with their own kinds of senses like robotic telepathy from electromagnetic pulses.

Humans have already found themselves weaker than robots. As humans we do not have hydraulic parts, lithium ion technology, or titanium steel parts. Some robots can lift items weighing several hundred times their own weight. Other robots can smash solid concrete blocks. Certain robots possess fighting capabilities, with which they can out-plan and outlast any human opponent. Robots also have the ability to traverse hundreds of miles on their own power in a shorter time than a human ever could.

While we already have most of the components to build superior robots, we still do not have the ability to make them self-aware. Depending on what people believe, we may or may not someday possess this power. If we ever achieve this ability to make robots self-aware, it certainly seems that they could take over the world with ease. Their superior abilities would make them formidable adversaries in a war that man just might lose. This fact may startle many people, but it certainly appears plausible. As the movie Terminator portrays, we just may become inferior.
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