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Tangible Grief

Posted 10-08-2009 at 05:01 AM by Ohellino
In what matters, our heart suffurs, it is open and honest to say what it is that disturbs us and talk about the different attributes of this thing, this perception of the future and memory of the past. I find it hard to feel compassion or empathy for someone who has got themselves into a position of suffuring as a pose. What I mean by "got themselves into" is observing christian tradition and allowing humans to speak about God as though he is there. And what I mean by pose, is that the underlying person is not advertantly revealed, but behind a fake facade. I do not doubt though that there greif is not fake. They put on the reasons in formula, as though being part of the bible is necessary to reality, their suffuring is not tangible, not like a person like me who admits that he suffurs and does not grow delusional in suffuring, as not purely undelusional, but to say, concious of much that is out of whack in the human brain, mine and others. Dechristianize........
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Buddha says that 'life is suffering' and when one embraces this fact one becomes free of it.
Posted 10-09-2009 at 03:44 AM by Ben Burkhill Ben Burkhill is offline
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