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Space Time Continuum

Posted 03-02-2010 at 06:57 AM by Corky
As things have been so hectic with so many different aspects of parralell universes in this battle between dementia's of that which I will decribe as Metaphores like as and such in like that of those of such intellectual properties with in that of those who with scientific reasoning as well as to the spiritual implications of that post past, present, and future avents such as there are among the scientific and discussion groups as base for consideration among the brotherhood and that of the sisterhood of woman and the bianary aspects of that which referred to as Cyber Space, and the advancement of technologies of which should be considered among those of governments in which they conduct and procure their resources in populations and world energy reserves with in that of a guild of merchant trade, and those acts of piracy and other procurements of wealth and terriotories which I would compare FrostClouds forum like that of the English Tele series " Doctor Who," as I myself compare the new actors and version to that of the orignal series back in the 70's, and the more enjoyable comedy of " Monte Python," or " Benny Hill," in there skits of entertainment in ralationship to Stories by literary greats such as a Shakespear ( Sonnet ), or a Homers ( Metrical Romance ), like that of a " Lady of the Loch," and the relationship between Avalonia, or Romania, and that which if I remember the qoutes as " Victoria Regina Excetris," and or " Amo, Amot, Amos," and that of the Elizabeth era as well in comparison to the other aspects of consideration between the two different, but paralell dimension lake as a " American Trapezoid," and that of the " British Trapezoid," while not fogetting that of those of other cultures as well in the Kingdom of Christendom such as the battles between the other noble and valiant coat of arms in such manerisms of which should be considered in that in the event of further re-positioning in the continuum such as to the recent earthquakes in places like Chile and the repositioning of this Earth's Axis, and other Space - Time events such as to the aspects of relationships of these noble houses aginst that of those who's lands our now at conflicts over issues in which all seam to have so many views and opinions as to what and how they would like things to be like in the interest's of their own personal interest and the actions of those in tern seem to so become upset as to the way they percieve and demand things to be and the conflict of those interest's in which these noble factions have to compete with each other over the older foundations and institutes for which is the basis for their actions and is yet to be proven as actual reality as to transfer of wealth and resources while laying claims to the control of things in which like the new versions of older movies like those I decribed above compared to those classic's like Alfred Hitchcock,or Ian Flemming for English intrigue compared to the more conventional American novels of Robert Ludlum, and Joseph Wambaugh, as well as those minds of other literary cultures who's intellectual leadership is only comapared to their tolerances of those creative minds and those who shear ingorance or limited temperances have over stepped their bounds by their own actions against even those of us who may or may not understand the complexity of such minute actions and the reactions to that which comes into being as all have some value, but in like some movies like that of " Dune," or other series like the " Avenger's," and that of it's shows like where Miss Money Penny, weilded a machine gun towards those of Biblotech, and the controversy over the " Better Mouse Trap," to name a few as to the other cultures of Latin interest being upset in their space time rift of regions like the Bermuda Triangle of that of Columbus, and the Spanish heritage such as Isabella comared to the conflict in such movies like that of " EL Cid," here over honor on his wedding day rescued a province of Spain from those of Morish interest's such as what was at that time over the same issues such is now with the present conflict's in the famous and sacred cities and countries like Israel, and Jerusalem where the escalation would far to traumatic for those powers who like this planets and it's relationship as to other planetary and celestrial bodies of interest's in which our certain dominions and realms which to are in conflict due to the aging aspect's of their sovereigns, and the material bearing of their own services and attitudes towards the circles of interests to their own social and private means and to the adminstrations for which they seem to distrupt by the individual actions and those of groups who may of been influenced by personal grievences, but still consider the individual indebtedness to those both public and private while at the same time like that of an Oliver Twist, of Dickens, or an American novel of Americana like Mark Twains, Huckle Berryfinn, and Tom Sawyer where even though made a native American such as Indian Joe the evil factor of those incidents and that of the Spanish, and Mexican cultures in those who had shared nobility with those who came as citizens and ended up in conflict and revolt against their own cultures as well compared to the rest of countries at conflict with their own internal interests like those of other break away republics when in conflict with idiologies of those who we call idiotic compared to those who like me who if I was referred to as an idiot you would find no real arguement from me as I would be more inclined to use my oratory skills and a manurism of humor to serve my defense rather than the violent or judicial system of jurisprudence of the current conflicts of interests ofthese conflicts in which there has to be at least one central and or commanding factor in which could intervine on our behalfs as long as we do not over step the boundries of our actions in the promotion of those intests such as they are now which are in conflict of those countries now in developement and those which have developed beyond the natural aspects of those lands that they would reprisent and the natures of that of those who would make law like Harvard where the use of synthetic fertilizer has been replaced to a more natural mixture of things like Chumming and Molasses, where at other countries such as Athens,and other countries and even Oxford where for those old Welsh Miner's of coal the " Corn is Greener," as well ? ? ?
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