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Taken from Chatbox

Posted 09-14-2009 at 12:53 AM by Nef Raven

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250 Message... [09-13, 14:11] paradox please post it in a blog -_-
[09-13, 10:56] Nef Raven How inventive is a copycat twister? Sorry but the Erika Baines storm became far to tiny. Anythang in blue is just better.
[09-13, 10:38] Nef Raven My cat knows exactly where to crap like in his litter box and he moves far from it to his favorite bowl where he eats. Then he bathes himself with the fresh water provided.
[09-13, 10:37] Nef Raven They need lessons from our fined feathered friends in the animal kingdom>>>>the chicken and or turkey coo cooro co.
[09-13, 10:35] Nef Raven pooty-red party*
[09-13, 10:32] Nef Raven Something this pooty needs to learn! It's a bit vulgar but very simple and true just like every smart american knows.."You don't sheet where you eat"!
[09-13, 10:31] Nef Raven TY.
[09-13, 10:30] Nef Raven and prolly never will.
[09-13, 10:29] Nef Raven I'll tell you what there is absolutely no brains behind the brawn because that's all the modern day red-party knows about their so-called civility. To stoop to so much lowly like that is a sure sign, they have no brains no wit,nointelligence what-so-
[09-13, 10:25] Nef Raven They did it all over the island too. So freakin what? They did not put that on the radio now did they?
[09-13, 10:24] Nef Raven
[09-13, 10:23] Nef Raven While during thered-partie's reign they just tore into the opposition with very low down sabotage tactics to take jobs away!
[09-13, 10:21] Nef Raven The piece of bull.>>>>ahead is they send off the ancient to replace them with their parties spoiled little undergrad elect.
[09-13, 10:14] Nef Raven
[09-13, 10:13] Nef Raven And since they fail to be innovative enough and/or God forbid once in awhile become creative they use any piece of witty statements from the best party like it's their own idea plagerising their way for flapjack approval from Masses.
[09-13, 10:11] Nef Raven Oh they chew it up.
[09-13, 10:11] Nef Raven waste land.
[09-13, 10:11] Nef Raven Some of the fed lawyers must have gotten their legal permit in afganistan's ammo dump.
[09-13, 10:09] Nef Raven another piece of bull.
[09-13, 10:09] Nef Raven candy striped ancient BAs go to the Fondo while they conjure up a most contraversial personal rep report to muddle up credibility! They assume they'r having the achor on the media!!!!
[09-13, 10:06] Nef Raven some politicains treat the vast majority like flapjacks twisting the truth in our faces with no respct!
[09-13, 09:54] Nef Raven (pedejo party) pthpthpthpth!
[09-13, 09:54] Nef Raven tHEY need to quit chuckin moons and stop stinkin up the island!
[09-13, 09:53] Nef Raven RED ARSE AEROPOSTALE!
[09-13, 09:50] Nef Raven Yeah arse.............This CAN BE SAID!!!!
[09-13, 09:50] Nef Raven So teach ...who is your Mama? Your like an Aborigany to her on the job!!!!!!Burned out teacher stares at the reall mother on her birth ceRtificate!!!!!!!!!!!!
[09-13, 09:42] Nef Raven Then they joke around in every chance room possible knowing you could sue their arses but instead they stoop to follow your chatroom moves and forum moves indicating the red group wants to kick you likeahorsethatsdead!@
[09-13, 09:41] Nef Raven Because a certain red group has a problem with New York Ricans especially if they're blue. So the discrimination goes beyond managability while the subjects indicate
[09-13, 09:39] Nef Raven Teach moves on and gets competent, adequate, professional help from the Association of Teachers. The lawyers there know what they are doing. And just like the law indicates that we should not discriminateapersonfortheirparty andconstitution they abid
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