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Runaways & Siblings

Posted 03-31-2010 at 05:56 PM by Nef Raven
Updated 03-31-2010 at 06:00 PM by Nef Raven (added an "A")
Once upon a time there was this teenager who became so very frustrated about growing up and the lack of communication that existed this person ran away. The teenager had been gone for more than a week.
The police tried to console the family by paying them visits asking about everypiece of information they could get in order to find this person.
The mother cried," My God she's only thirteen!" The immediate family who were the people who suffered and not the aunts and the uncles or the cousins, were about ready to put their poor, confused, little but not so little girl on a a milk carton with her picture.
When the child finally returned home the tiniest sibling of the two younger brothers who was about ready to start kinder in another year stood up on a pedastal with the immediate family ONLY.
He sang. " Baby come back. Any kind of fool could see. There was something in everything about you. Baby come back (listen babe) you can take it out on me. I was wrong and we just can't live without you."
The tiny brother is now a man with a wife and three wonderful children. But the runaway from long ago who is a middle aged lady today who loves him the same way as when he sang that beautiful song. He was the most adorable toddler his sibling, eldest sister had ever seen.
The other sibling that's one year younger is another story but they hit it off well when he calls like never!!!

Thanks for reading.
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