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Frankenstein wants one of my Major Organs without doner release form

Posted 08-16-2009 at 03:27 PM by Nef Raven
In this country we can agree about moral issues like when everyone decides they want health reform and proper healthcare including adequate treatment with positive bedside manner from the doctors and nurses when they are hospitalized. So, a story can be valid, acceptable, and a proven fact because the issues discussed involve the welfare and well-being of all human beings. Somethings you just do not do like throw out an intensive care patient from an ambulance into the street because he has no health insurance.

What about the odd, wierd cases out there where patients are abducted and secretly treated for whatever, comatosed,silenced, & then induced to never recall what was done with whatever pharmaceuticals they used then released under extremely outlandish conditions. I bet this could happen to young people or old who are from the very rich sectors that want something to gain out of this like an inheritance or maybe they want to steal a mother's child. The abducted patient may have had health insurance but it isn't used to avoid recognizing a CRIME!!!! Who does that? The very warped and sick go to summer camp. There are movies out there about this too.

Oh, wait a minute someone wants to steal my perfectly healthy kidney or liver for a transplant into someone racially superior to me!@ So my life span should be reduced! How about organ doners selected before they sign for releasing them after death?

CRIMINALS want your organs while your alive jack! What? This is to unusual to address? It just doesn't happen. Bull-Sheet!!!!!!~

Attachei Leeloominae: Let's take it from the top yacht party, dei sha vu! =)~

I'll start with his arse and work my way to the head!
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