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Posted 07-25-2009 at 04:46 AM by Nef Raven
Nef Raven
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Charles Dickens and Scrooge


verb (scroug, ing)
To squeeze, compress, bend over; e.g., "He scrouged into his den"; to be parsimonious, tight, ungenerous, as implied by Charles Dickens' character Ebenezer Scrouge (Scrooge).
Etymology: Etymology uncertain

Notes about Dicken'
s Scrooge

Charles Dickens is pretty neat. From the top of my thoughts I can say a iew things about him and his work. I still watch Scrooge every Christmas and I don't get tired of it. Even if they were to remake the movie it still would be appreciated by many just like me . For children that watch it for the first time I think it is a very profound and entertaining play and film.

For the rest of us as grown ups, I supposed you could see the ghost of Christmas past, present, and the future during other times in your life like when you go through transitory periods of change. It is interesting to note that Dickens was way ahead of his time and by demonstrating through his characters their inner thoughts, feelings, and doubts that we all have our share of preoccupations to think about. Dickens had an exceptional awareness where he shows that he understands the changes a human being can go through throughout his life. He hits around to the actual stages we go through during childhoo and then adulthood. He could have been referring to the way the brain works with old data and new data along the life-time journey each one of us has to travel. Dickens uses his protagonist to let us understand that just like Scrooge we can all see our faults and if we realize our errors in time perhaps it is not to late to change and become better people. We feel Scrooges grief when he loses the woman of his dreams while he walks with the ghost of Christmas Past. We feel the haunting terror and fear just like Scrooge when he is surprised by the ghost of the future the cloaked angel of death that points to the tombstone where he once must find his final end.
Scrooge was selfish, cruel, inconsiderate, and he was a hoarder of riches. He became that way in the first place because all he ever cared about was money. Oneday he had to face himself within his loneliness and elderly condition and realize that there were many positive events that he failed to attend where he perhaps could have found long-lasting loved and people that could have appreciated true and forgotten character. He had forgotten about the value of kindness. It was lost in the rat race he lived in from year to year. He lost his precious love and relatives because he lacked compassion, empathy, and consideration for the welfare of others.

His ghosts visited him because only those ghosts could wake him up once more to the Scrooge within himself that he left behind in his youth. He realized that he needed people and that by relating to them properly he could once more enjoy life, appreciate the differences and similarities others have. He learned once more during his elderly years that he could create a harmonious environment where love, joy, and happiness could build a pleasurably precious world around him. To his awakened surprise it felt wonderful the his surroundings were no longer just about Scrooge and his wealth but about the people he related too day after day that were once ignored and unattended.

Scrooge is a terrific play to think about. There's alot more I could say but perhaps other people might like to add what they think about this film when they see it.

I know that the very first time I saw the movie it had an enormous impact and I still remembered many images from the film after my very first watch of it. At school everyone had tons of this to say about it as well.

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I supposed the rewrite was simply just to good to blog .

/ Thank you for your accurate intervention!
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