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Tips On Keeping Jewels New

Posted 07-29-2010 at 09:29 AM by volumerates
In order to make your jewelry bright as original, you should pay attention to a lot of aspects.Several Attraction and Misunderstandings of OEM cards wholesale

Do not often touch them: Wearing the jewelry and keeping them clean, it seems very simple but not easy. For What Reasons People all Choose Them?! Sweetheart all Prefer China Wholesale Many people cannot help them to touch the face of the precious stones when they see the attractive one, but it will influence the brightness and the lightness of the stones. Water and oil are constantly excreted through the skin from inside of the body, and hands are the easiest to touch the body, thus hands are often contaminated by the oil on the skin. When we touch gemstone, the oil of the hands will be easily attached to the gemstone, which will affect the luster and luminance of the gemstone. Especially diamond, it is a kind of gemstone that are easy to be attached to oil, so the surface of diamonds are easy to have oil, which will affect the luster in a large way. But jadeite and white jade are belong to assemble structures, if you touch them often, the quality of them will become more moist and lovely.Who’s Latest of Them All? Silicone Protective Case for PSP supplier !

Tap water is harmful to the lustre of pearls: after wearing them for several times, some people tend to wash them with no knowledge that it will do great harm to the pearls if they are soaked in tap water, although momentary washing in it is not so harmful. But it must be forbidden to immerse the pearl in the main water. There is a certain Cl in the main water which will damage the lightness of the pearl. Actually mineral water is the best choice to immerse pearl. Besides, before the pearls are sent to the deposit box in the bank after they are worn, they should be cleaned and maintained so that they won't change color because of long accumulation of dirt later. But for the deposit box preserving bills and documents, the relative humidity is low so that its deposit condition is not suitable for moist jewels such as pearls. Therefore, the pearls should be taken out at regular intervals and be immersed for maintanence and moisture suppiment.What is Prevalent Now? Undoubtedly discount pearl earrings !

Timely taking them off is the maintenance: The right way of wearing the jewelry should frequently replace or take them off regarding as different peoples, times, places, and objects, but it may have no measure for busy modern people. Jessica Alba Deliver You How to Regain Leather Case for iPhone wholesale But you`d better take it off when you are washing hands, because the soaps contain some certain alkaline matter which may damage the weak stones if accumulate. What`s more, diamond luster and brightness will be greatly damaged by materials in soap which left in the aperture of rings. And showering, housework, swimming could also be reliable to damage diamond with collision.Hey Love! How Can You Resist the Glamour of Smashing cheap EZ flash vi dsi

Caution the matters containing acid or alkali: the substances or food we contact in our daily life contain acid or alkali of various consistencies. And these different concentrations of alkalinity and acidity chemical substances may hurt jewelry, especially pearl or other organic stones. The usage of daily makeup, you should avoid pollute jewelry.

Pay attention to the wear order of jewelry: when putting on claws jewels or rings, you should avoid scraping clothes and leather bags. Generally speaking, the wear order of jewelry is after you wear your clothes, and then wear jewelry. You may image that you put on your prong setting single diamond ring firstly, and then put on your clothes and stocks. Is not that a dangerous thing to your clothes, stocks and your stones?

The magical function of taking a small jewelry bag with you: You may have heard some people wash their hands and take the jewelry off on the table, but accidentally they fall on the ground and are injured, or slide into the water tank, or are lost on the table and other events. In fact, these are not rare things, but these crises can be avoided. When you buy jewels, the jewel shops may give you a litter jewel box. The jewels look beautiful when put inside. In fact, this small jewel box has its own magical function, its volume is small and it will not occupy much place, so it is portable, when you want to wash your hands outside you may take your finger ring off and conveniently put it into the jewel box. If you form such a good habit, you will have a much smaller chance to lose jewelry or rings. So take the trouble to take a small ring box with you.
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