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Erosion and the Pusher

Posted 08-09-2009 at 01:16 PM by Nef Raven
Nef Raven
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The PUSHER is just as bad as the accepter of illicit drugs.

There's one thing about the PUSHER, they either could careless about who they're giving the substance too or they do it to distort the accepter of the drug on purpose.If the drug is highly addictive the PUSHER uses this frequency to keep the negative condition going either for a profit or for another complicated motive like to get an inheritance, to take over something that was beneficial to the pusher's victim. The PUSHER might even start by spiking the punch bowl. And if this PUSHER has high rANK or a prestigious position the PUSHER will use this to cover up any evidence possible. PUSHERS walk in all walks of life just like CRIME! It's the same thing.

PUSHERS that PUNISH for ULTERIOR MOTIVES EXIST. They do not care about healthcare and would risk giving chaos for their own profit or motives whatever they may be. THEY do not care if you get sick or die! They surely do not want to be around the corpse when death is imminent.They DESTROY any hope for the rehabilitation of the addict or addict prone person who more than likely takes the illicit drugs in the first place because he or she has no desire to live anymore!

I've seen enough people destroy their lives over illicit drugs. Just one is to many! It's too sad.

Thank you
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