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Pupil finds an Incomplete

Posted 05-29-2010 at 01:24 PM by Nef Raven
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Nef Raven
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This student could not finish his composition so he runs down to the teacher and says, "Please let me do the composition. Please." The teacher said," Who do you think your talking too? You just said you had other things to do. I have other things to do and right now I am not thinking about your incomplete composition. Other students in here have other things to do and they still make time to finish their compositions but you do not do anything when the time is granted to you".

So the student decides to fight. He talks to his friends who claim," Oh, she's just having a bad day.Catch her on a good day when she doesn't have PMS or something and bring chocolates too". He goes buys a snickers bar and gives it to the teacher after a funny class where she laughed at some of her student's jokes. He asks again if he can complete the incomplete composition and she looks at him while he offers her the Snickers bar and everyone yells," oh isn't that sweet thepupil has a crush on the teacher". They leave calming down because somethings they know are better left unsaid." Now listen you, you know I do not accept bribes. What I said before still stands. Bye now I have work to do in the library."

The teacher tells him to ask the principal first and if she indicates that it is okay then he can rewrite his composition.

So, he goes to the principal so they can solve the problem together. The principal sees him and said, " You have more than one teacher complaining that you do not complete your work while in class. You always do the same thing expecting to get full credit for incomplete work. What are we going to do with you?" She pauses and abruptly decides that he is going to have to settle his issues individually with his teachers because he is not following their instructions and must do so to graduate.

The student cries inside a little bit knowing he's wrong and to blow off steam and live up to his reputation for being a popular clown he runs down the hall yelling, "AAAAah watch out, watch out when you goto the office ready or not the principal is a Shiite in a mosque. THE PRINCIPAL IS A SHIITE, THE PRINCIPAL IS A SHIITE!

Then he sits and for the first time he eats lunch alone.
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