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Speak to me like Iím a Child

Posted 06-20-2008 at 04:16 AM by Pure Serenity
I keep a journal, I find it easier writing things down at the end of the day rather than sharing my thoughts verbally with people - which most times ends in conflict or Ďagree to disagreeí situations when discussing Ďhotí topics. Most times my journal reads ďdidnít do much today....Ē and ends in one or two paragraphs because I find I donít need to write to myself about my opinions - since i already know them.

But while reading other people opinions to get another perspective sometimes I find it hard, and sometimes I find it nearly impossible, to understand what they are trying to communicate. I speak, and read, only English. But even when things appear to be written in English I still canít comprehend what the person is trying to say without switching my brain into Ďassumptioní mode and re-reading (or when speaking - repeating) what they are saying.

I would blame myself on one level - Iím not that smart to understand people when they speak on Ďthat other levelí - but please speak to me as if Iím a child, in simple, common English words. All this metaphysics and astro-dimensions confuses me (maybe I'm not that smart) Sometimes I wonder if the person trying to communicate with me is on some exotic substance. Other times i think they are just trying to sound smarter than they really are - and of course there are some smart people who use weird (to me) language who really are more intelligent than me, but they should realise that they are speaking to people not on their same level and should drop their level down so the rest of us mere mortals can understand what they are saying, if they want to effectively communicate.

If people want to be smart, or sound smart, do it for scientific journals for the people who can understand them, because I really want to understand everyone and understand their opinions but please just speak as if Iím a child so that I can understand what youíre trying to say. Use simple words and sentences, so that us dumb people (or if I'm the only dumb person) can become smarter with the knowledge that you (if the shoe fits) have to share.
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I Feel Ya

Some things cannot be expressed simply. When they can, I will do my part to help. Not that I'm smarter than you are, its a matter of sharing different bases of knowledge. If we all knew everything these forums would be wasted time I figure. Ask alot of questions like a child and you should get your answers. Works for me most of the time.

question everything
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Posted 07-27-2010 at 03:57 AM by tiffanys tiffanys is offline
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