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Lobotomy vs Alien Mind Probe or Castration

Posted 06-22-2008 at 04:21 AM by Pure Serenity
I just watched a video clip about an alien abductee who described a vibrator as some alien nostril probe. The video was one of Oddityís blog posts, it was funny and then annoyed me. It was that and probably the sombre lyrics of Gowanís - A Criminal Mind that stooped me down to my usual defective, contemplative mood.

Anyone remember Nurse Ratchet from One Flew Over the cuckoos Nest - she pissed me off, but that was her job. This alien abductee pissed me off too. What I want to know is what did she say when the Ďnostril probeí turned out to be a vibrator. Tell me that. Tell me how she talks her dumb arse out of that one. Lobotomize her I say. Cut her brain out and put it back in and make her a walking zombie, sheíd be just the same but then sheíd have an excuse for her dumbness.

I want to tap her on the head and tell her to stop pissing me off, and the others like her. Not about the alien abduction thing, but just the blatant lying. Abducted by aliens, ok, so you say it, who am I to argue, but saying a vibrator is an alien device when you donít even know what the fuck it is, give me a break. Youíre stupid, plain and simple. I donít usual go to YouTube voluntarily and thatís one of the reasons, dumb people. Ok so there are good posts on YouTube, good work for them, but there are dumb people too, like some Jackarse wannabees. Fuck you, try ramming your head into a stake and make us all a lot happier.

I want to know what she said after she found out it was a vibrator. Tell me how your mind works, then Iíll understand. If you kill people or bash random people on the street because you have a video camera and your immature friends find it funny, tell me why, tell me how your brain works and if you canít then go over to the stake.

Sometimes I think Iíd be better off being castrated. I procrastinate so much and nothing gets accomplished from procrastination. I figure if I get castrated Iíd think about more important things than dumb people, maybe I could use that stake. We are so different, as humans, so much variety and so much waste. I have a brain and so far itís not lobotomized yet I donít even use it. There has to be a way to turn it on to its fullest potential and go down a path and concentrate on that instead of getting upset at pathological liars and stupid people.

I need to censor myself - probably why I donít usually use social networking sites - like this - but again, just to let you know how a fellow human thinks in comparison to you, who ever you may be. Learn from it and donít let it bother you. Iíd ask her, what do you think now that youíre sticking vibrators up your nose, how do you feel? Tell me how to better use my brain instead of procrastination and concerning myself with other peoples personalities and Iíll live a happier life. Sometimes I really canít be bothered with others when they make me feel this way even on a video from YouTube. Make me like cold stone from the Gowan song, thatís all I ask, just block me from these feelings.
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