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Felt Like A Bonding Session

Posted 06-24-2008 at 04:35 AM by Pure Serenity
Group hug guys - Seriously

I was starting to get a little down-trodden from all the testosterone trickling through this place when I realised itís not this place fault, itís mine. I was frequenting the wrong bars, I was listening to the wrong conversations and such and I was adding to it. Yes thatís true it makes me happy to be sarcastic and play little mind games with other humans, because it makes me feel good, ok, I said it, it makes me feel good to poke jabs at others. But no disrespect intended, get a think skin and dish some back, it makes life fun. I enjoy it, it feels good and if I offend then apologies before hand.

However back on the topic at hand. We need to get in close for a good group hug. I was just over reading the thread regarding ďWhat Superhero / Villain Are you?Ē and it dawned on me. Weíre all like friends gathered around a bar or a camp fire or pissing in the toilets and just talking about regular / useless stuff that makes the day that much more enjoyable. I really liked it, and the atmosphere was so - how should I put it - relaxed. I was going to say child-like but it would sound condescending, it was good, and it made me feel good. I remember watching He-man as a kid, he was awesome, he still is - and yes he is the master of the universe - Batman could still beat him up. I had to choose Batman because heís the only super-hero with no super powers which means we can all be Batman. But any-who Thanks for the good fun post and Iím sure there are more somewhere, but it was one of the few that gave me a warm fuzzy feeling in side

Thumbs up to who ever started it, I think Oddity, and to who ever contributed it was good times. Thereís hope for humanity because of you guys, seriously group hugs more often and less testosterone

--- This sounds very gay - I hope youíre not saying that; Tony Soprano

ok well - Iím not delusion in regards to the rest of the threads to come - but that was a nice one
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Posted 07-27-2010 at 03:55 AM by tiffanys tiffanys is offline
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