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Today I'm 11,000 days old

Posted 07-06-2008 at 05:05 AM by Pure Serenity
Apart from the required schooling that occupied 12 plus years of my life then a 3 year transitional period, followed by an enjoyable 7 years working and finally the last 3 of not so enjoyable years I can quite safely say that I really need to dedicate the next 11,000 days of my life to being a little more productive.

I sometimes say that if I lived in a communist style state where I was told what to do day in and day out I would have had a more productive life, but as it stands I have squandered the best part of this third of my life. Procrastination, along with lack of planning and lack of goal making has lead to this. The proof is in the pudding as they say, and my pudding doesnít taste that good as of late. Iím unhappy, I have no real prospects to look forward to and because of my inaction in regards to my lifeís goals I have to start at this stage of my life instead of being nestled nicely in a style of life that years before I envisioned upon myself.

People say that you should have no regrets, but unfortunately as you get older and realise there is no going back I can only go forward and learn from the mistakes I made, which means, I can choose to repeat the last few years of my life and end up in the same place a few years from now, or I can make the desired changes that are required to push me forwards into the happiness that I so desire.
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