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Major differences between Red and Blue

Posted 06-20-2008 at 10:35 PM by madesta
Red = Conservative, Republican
Blue = Liberal, Democrat

Thinks with logic (brain). "If it isn't broken, don't fix it" attitude. Finds the best route to take, while following the rules. Money answers who's right and who's wrong.

Thinks with emotion (heart). "If there's an apparent problem, find ways to change it" attitude. Changes the rules to agree with the route taken. What's right one day, can be wrong the next, and right the day after.

Democrats enjoy change, but they don't realize what types of effects the "change" will have in the future.

Republicans like routine, but they don't realize how much they can help the world by thinking outside the box.

My personal belief about republicans and democrats is that, neither of them help their country without both of them existing. What is baffling to me, is that there has yet to exist a 3rd political party which trumps both Red and Blue. My choice would be Green (because it's my favorite color) yet the green party does not trump red and blue.

The green party thinks solely about nature and the natural world. Face it, we live in an unnatural world, full of cell phone signals, harenessed electricity, obesity, and roads made of asphalt. While I believe the environment and the natural world is important, first and foremost should be universal co-existence (cooperation) and survival of mankind. We need to re-establish a cohesive and consistent way of thinking in every individual on this earth. Too many people get caught up in the BS and never realize the reality of our existence.

We aren't on this earth to waste away in the pleasantries of technology and entertainment. On the same point, we aren't on this earth to NOT enjoy the pleasantries of technology and entertainment. We must understand how important it is to enjoy the pleasantries of our accomplishments. Work hard in any field that involves helping further the advancement of understanding existence, and improving the existing tools we use. Then, reap the benefits of your accomplishments.

One of my favorite feelings in life is felt when I work hard, accomplish something, and get to sit back and look at what I've accomplished (or think about the things I accomplished). Pick up a tennis racquet, learn how to play, play some people, win, and bask. Organize your room, create a filing system for your paperwork, finish your laundry, fold your clothes, put them away, clean off your desk, make your bed, and see how you feel when you're done...

One thing I have yet to enjoy is.... maintaining a clean room. That accomplishment (I can imagine) must feel freakin' sweet!
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