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Wondering about Politics based on Internet tidbits I scan

Posted 05-29-2010 at 12:38 AM by Nef Raven
Nef Raven
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Your are out of it today. People internationally cannot stand this country because every four years we have elections and choose a different leader. They think that every freakin election is and their campaigns is just another way of creating instability through out the nation like they have two years to listen to campaigning candidates and another two to actually enjoy looking at the work their commander and chief has enforced for the benefit of our country.

So, what is the revolution about two wars that can possibly start in the middle east or is it that we're spending money badly by paying for the burial of thousands of soldiers that come back home? Some people think their families should take over the burial costs of our troops as casualties andthat the government should use the spare money not given to the soldiers to improve education. It was an idea I read and I still do NOT have a comment about it because that is a GI benefit that I have always thought of as one that should not receive cuts.

How bad is our Education? How much money could we get and where would we invest that kind of money? Maybe the troops can decide what to do themselves as participants because soldiers want their children to have the best education this country can provide anyway.

That's it. We stop here. Thank you
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