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South Pole of the whatchayamacallit planet

Posted 01-22-2008 at 04:06 PM by Bitterduck

I know it doesn't seem as mind blowing as other research that goes on, but I love it. A little space vehicle doing a year long study of Mercury. I also heard they plan to launch it back to earth using either the sun's or mercury's gravitational field.
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Hi BD hope you pass by this way sometime soon. I am big on Titan it frustrates me no end that we are not already on our way there with the intention of staying put. So much fuel has to be able to support a colony. The atmosphere makes it safe from radiation and from what I can gather an adult human could strap on wings there and have no difficulty flying. Of course it’s a little cold but I don’t think that is an insurmountable problem. We can see more than enough hydrocarbons on the surface to make it viable let alone what must be hidden within. Anyway I know you’re a special sort of lady and assume you business has resulted in you moving on…..but you know you a friend here when you have some time.
Posted 08-03-2009 at 09:38 PM by burgersoft777 burgersoft777 is offline
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excuse the last posts missing r's this keyboards in need of a clean.
Posted 08-03-2009 at 09:39 PM by burgersoft777 burgersoft777 is offline
Bitterduck's Avatar
Well, I've known of theories that suggest Titan to be a resemble place to live, but I find them to be a bit shaky. In my opinion, it'll take a few years of more research on the ground level of the planet for us to actually see how much hospitality that planet has for us. It's one thing to look good on paper, it's another ball game for it to be good in actuality.

Now, assuming it was 100% good for us. There has been one driving force that guides human and that force is power. There needs to be some sort of justification for us to live there. We went to moon to say fuck you russia, and then once we dominated them, we lost interest.

It'll take a whole new level of motivation, money, and crisis that will give use the determination to actually plan a mission to Titan.

From my friends in NASA, it really isn't something on the current radar, simply because the funds aren't there, and even if the funds were in place, I don't think anyone actually believes we would make a valiant effort to colonize it and we'll abandon it like we did our moon.
Posted 08-04-2009 at 03:07 AM by Bitterduck Bitterduck is offline
Ben Burkhill's Avatar
It would be interesting to see the effects on women, living on another planet, considering their reproductive cycle is so closely linked to the orbit of earths moon.
Posted 08-07-2009 at 06:50 PM by Ben Burkhill Ben Burkhill is offline
burgersoft777's Avatar
It’s depressingly true that we are unlikely to be leaving on the Titan express any time soon. I suppose it would have seemed far more achievable in the 1960’s when everything seemed possible and global warming was just a twinkle in the eye.
Who knows what might have happened if the Oil boys had run with the can-do attitude that America was projecting.

Ben, I think that the ladies would adjust very well, and if worse comes to worse there are a lot of candidate moon for the girls to synchronise to orbiting Saturn.
Posted 08-07-2009 at 07:16 PM by burgersoft777 burgersoft777 is offline

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