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My Political Rant

Posted 07-08-2009 at 03:48 PM by Nef Raven
Updated 07-08-2009 at 04:09 PM by Nef Raven
Yesterday, 11:57 PM
Nef Raven
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Who has the most to share behind the fence? Although we see them as puppies behind the fence they see themselves as cubs from a lion's den ready to devour all that pass with the power of seduction and the power of open discourse. It does not matter how precision might fail or how scarce the level of understanding will stoop too. It will go out and with the power tool thrust of a guerilla. No one will stop him; likewise thinking it is correct for every forum.

And so we will get the weather, the crime, the living conditions , the world at large fighting for a kind of freedom without the constitution and we will be perplexed at finding a fenomena. There will be a kind of order there; although the elections are rigged or the relected is a slob, with no mercy.

The poverty stricken will cry the rich keep taking it and the rich will reply ," the problem with you is that your too freakin lazy" and " you fail to be test oriented".The homeless complains that without a cart with anything or a purse with green bills he or she was still beaten up by a teen street gang.The mugger gets away with 45 million and the state he stole from as we speak are throwing out employees in the government because although the mugger, thief, and crook was caught he can't pay a debt spent already.

Then you with a lack of trust for anybody begin to believe in your celebs with a cause out there in third world countries while we tear them apart with ferocious comments about how bad he or she thinks she is and how they have them all layed out like a map for they know their ugly past.

Then you'll turn in your daily newspaper and see how fugitives get away, how people havereceived capital punishment, died, and later we learn they never deserved it in the first place.

We then find racial groups discriminated in schools, and jobs and how people denounce their own neighborhood, their own family, their own heritage because they suffered the same kind of violence from the same sort of people and all in one life time with all the people he or she loved. And while we all are against racism we still see Jerry Springer showing us the left over residue of a dead horrible mob like the Ku Klux Klan who justify themselves for wearing their pointy, miserable, hats with a very false unbecoming pride if you will with a sickening gall from a satanic punch straight threw morality and principles. Opus Dai massacists in their freak fellowship call it faith in a painful world where to them mutilating themselves while worshiping is the only answer. And the chaos goes on, and the freak shows continue, and the people put two or three locks on the door.

Then we take our perfectly new and wonderful 2009 vehicle onto the road and listen while they tell about the traffic and the murders and the drunk drivers, and the killed purposely or just was runned over by the driver who didn't see the vagabond crossing the road. He failed to stop but the police still took him. Thank God.

You hear both sides of parties complaining that theirs is the better party and one is accussed of 25 and 14 were rejected and the comments go on about how he was able to escape a jail sentence to then see another poltician criticised because of his size and because of his carefulness. He's not fat enough. His face doesn't look ruff enough. He's making the same statements someone else in his party kept stating and therefore he MUst be a freakin carbon copy of the same freakin other poltician that most of us ran away from or we decided he didn't need to be a governor anymore for having to many terms. No dear. He is that threat next to the politician buddy who now is doing time in prison and all the proof documents that could have been taken as evidence went into a god damned shredder I tell YA!@!!

ugh! Yeah, That's right.

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