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part 2..prostitutes as outlaws

Posted 10-06-2008 at 01:26 PM by blackgrass
The sacrifice in men to their anima (inner female) is submission. The more you submit the closer towards the fear of women they are prepared to go. The further they are prepared to go, the more of their senses they have to have removed, as they commit themselves to their `Mother`.
They are blindfolded to remove visual interruptions, which take up a good 60% of our senses. They are gagged against their own verbal protestations of fear & are bound in latex, rubber or leather. These materials are embryonic memories of the birth-sac. The `child` then lies safely in its floating world bound within its membrane within this warm & safe environment of the Mother.
The world can be so demanding, insecure & fearful that the pressure both sexually, physically, psychologically & spiritually is overwhelming & the Mother calls him back for release of his earthly burdens & responsibilities. He is as much afraid as he is attracted. She calls him & is likened to the Sirens, tempting him to plunge to the depths of the Ocean (feminine) in order to find the treasures that may free his earthy commitments & choices. His personal journey to understand his conscious link’s to his shadows, his anima, ego & ultimately to his `Self`, begins.
Seeking oneness with the Self` for either men or women will only come through the individual journeys that help us to face our fears, in the Shadow lands there are emotional rubbish-tips or even valid burial grounds for emotional & indigestible experiences, but not all rubbish tips should be unearthed. Some emotions are recycled by natural process, others refuse to change form & return back into the conscious or into the lack of acknowledgement of the anima/animus existence.
Only through this process can men & women find their natural order & respect with each others positions.
As women explore these repressed boundaries & exalt in their new found masculine identities within, expressing their right to equality & gender balance, they too can be as guilty as men for total identification with their own needs & desires & in doing so, castigate & de-value the roles of women who are prostitutes in society, becoming themselves engulfed by the manna of the Great Mother in the disguise of the warrior.

It is imperative that women from all walks of life, from all cultures & creeds identify with each other despite personal choices; whether they are stay at home mothers, wives, sisters, religious, atheist, pagan, politicians, actresses, shop-workers, business women or sex workers.
Despite their choices or roles in life, they are ALL expressions of the feminine nature. To hold one back is to discontinue the wholeness of woman herself. Not one is higher, nor lower than the other. The reasons for this division & any demeaning of another’s, are subject to a multitude of social/gender expectations, as well as family/cultural or religious conditioning.
This we should remember when we consider our views. Remember where our prejudices originate & the implications of this to the overall picture of feminine unity.
Without unity & acceptance of the many roles women offer, how can we ever hope to succeed in the rights for gender equality, if we ourselves as women cannot at least agree to mutual respect of the choices & roles we make?
And humanity collectively, how can we also expect equal status when we create victim status, because we disagree with the perceived morals or ethics of others?

Patriarchy collected the feminine together, boxed them off into controllable roles. They identified the wives & mothers into male controlled households & family roles. The rest who refused to conform were castigated into outlaws & identified as being immoral, thus surrounded with stigma’s. The division of good girl & bad girl began its journey into the human conscious. Taboo’s holding them apart like deep & dangerous rivers. So the scene was set for male control bound together with the heads of families, the business world of commerce, the spiritual guidance of religions, the intelligence of sciences, the armies of soldiers & officers, the disposable strength of the masses, all these on the whole were male domains. Fortresses of civilisations, impregnated by the nurture & creation from women, then surrounded by deep rivers of stigma & taboo....with women who do not fall into any of these accepted categories, flung to the far shores of these kingdoms. The Outlaws in the wilderness.
All male domains & still are.

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groan "outlaws in the wilderness" What posturing.
Posted 01-19-2009 at 02:16 AM by Jorge1907 Jorge1907 is offline
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