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A Word About The Coyote Boys.

Posted 10-01-2008 at 10:38 PM by Andy
Well, I wrote a short story recently that you may or may not have seen. Go here to be enthralled.

What it is about I would think becomes fairly clear as the psychology and actions play out; this, surely, is not my, or your, idea of a 'good night out'. But for some it is; whether they act or not is something else but they are potential killers.

We know deep down why this is so don't we? If a human being never gets the care and attention they need and are always surrounded by aggression, distorted thinking, miscommunication and general lack then with the right genetic disposition it is probable they will not see other living beings as deserving much more respect than, say, the cheap toys they threw around as kids.

What is the pay off in destruction and mindless aggression? The average rational person cannot see any attractive outcome but we, the 'average', have been socialised to such a degree I think it is necessary to go back to the occasional whiff of a more animal reality as kids. If you have siblings you may remember desiring to sometimes, in a mad rage, wanting to beat them to with an inch of.... well you were too young to imagine real consequences. Also recall the prestige of being among other kids your age, how comforting the group mentality was set against the backdrop of a largely unknown adult reality. Although these factors are mellowed by most children's affection for things and other beings they are original structures emanating from a more primal reality.

That is where the Coyotes of my tale have returned to in their sordid and blind quest for a 'good night out'.
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