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Posted 08-23-2008 at 07:18 AM by Dromiceius
Ravel's "Piece in Forme Habanera"

Lovely, isn't it?

Words are cheap and tawdry by comparison... which might explain my absence from this text-based milieu.

I dusted off my old keyboard some time ago- literally. It's filthy. I decided to re-learn, and maybe to do it right this time. Tonight I began learning an old favorite.

It was never playing the individual parts that was difficult; it was playing it as an interpreted piece that is at once appropriate to the instrument, yet which captures the essence of the original.

The same is true of any song that doesn't lend itself to piano particularly well.

I'm tempted to make up a silly metaphor about how our ideas about truth and reality are likewise tailored to their "instruments"; our individual selves, and thus, as hard as we may find it to believe, they lack intrinsic meaning beyond that which we assign to them.

But I'm not going to do that.

Speaking of jamming some philosophy where it doesn't belong, I should learn something from Chrono Trigger, too.

The Black Omen? That was a good one... though it bothers me that in a soundtrack comprised so heavily of leitmotifs, there isn't much to solidly represent any of the ideas put forth by the game. Not even the feeling or the memory of the experience of being first exposed to the ideas- of things like the meaning of life, the nature of time, and of the reality of individual experience.

...Oh, wait. Yeah there is. Belthazar's theme. The guru of reason, who was cast hundreds of years into a desolate future where, completely isolated, he uncovered the secrets of the universe before finally losing his mind.

No pretentious philosophical statement, there. Just something to imagine, because it's almost incomprehensible. Something that is, like most of the best elements of all good stories, all the more striking for not having been spelled out for us.

Kind of like music.
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So how's it going?

Why not come back? You've missed all the adventures.
Posted 02-14-2009 at 11:40 PM by Meme Virus Meme Virus is offline
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