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Conversation Between Mike Dubbeld and Reemet
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  1. Reemet
    11-23-2009 05:41 PM
    Well, I asked you this because I noticed you have a lot to say on lots of different fields. I didn't care about knowledge much before but now I'm like a knowledge-holic. I want to know everything. It makes me feel really good if I know about stuff and how they work. The more I know the bigger is the "playground" in my mind where I can fuse different things from different fields and it gives some sense of freedom to me. Plus I'm not really interested in money that much, I'm more interested in having privilieges to know stuff. There is no doupt that determination is a big key for success, but this isn't everything. People with higher IQ will learn the material much faster than people with lower IQ, and therefore they reach their goal (gathering information) faster. This is the thing I want to long did it take for u to get the knowledge you have today? And how long would it take for someone with iq 110 to reach the same amount of knowledge, if they're determined? Plus I'm getting really discouraged about the fact that I didn't learn almost anything for like 18 years (I'm 20 now) I got a long way to go, the reason why I say that is that I have all-or-nothing attitude, and if I haven't learned anything til now I won't waste my time for that either, because the chances to reach my well being through knowledge are decreased.
  2. Reemet
    11-22-2009 01:50 PM
    Do I have the ability to know same much as you one day if I have an IQ of 110 and I am dedicated and interested in this stuff? xD

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