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  1. Amergain
    01-05-2010 12:25 AM
    Oi, you really lost me Jacky. Your post was bloody confusing to me. I can't even disagree with you.
  2. jacboot
    11-04-2009 02:20 AM
    Things are growing dark thats certain the sons of light are riseing how long? maybe till 2012 maybe far longer. Frankly I am starting to function as I always thought I could. The UK has been forced into Lisbon and frankly the royalsits are hitting the roof. Civil war in all states...ring any bells end time rag time maybe but most likly just another psycological plot/\
  3. Amergain
    07-21-2008 11:36 PM
    Thanks for informing me.
  4. Nenad
    07-21-2008 10:48 PM
    ... but most of all, imagine this - the two of us talking about Kosovo, wars in Balkan and similar ... and then this - Radovan Karadzic arrested ! ... ... I'm a bit concerned - chaos could occure in Belgrade ... demonstrations and similar ...
  5. Nenad
    07-21-2008 09:28 PM
    ... yeah, I hear you ... ... true, many people knew little about the Balkans until the wars ... which, I must say really sucks, ... I guess most of the people from all over the world know for Serbia only through wars ... > I'll never forget when a TV reporter from here went to Zimbabwe and right there on the street he started asking questions about Serbia ... his 'targets' were kids ... I remember there was a group of girls ( they were like - 15 - 17 ) and they were returning from school ... ... questions like - do you know where is Serbia ? ... what is Serbia at first ? ... and similar ... it was funny, ... while younger girls didn't know the answer/s, one older girl, after a short period of time said - " Isn't it that you had wars out there, ... or you still do ... ... " ... imagine, ... like I said, it really sucks ...

    ... ... as about roots of conflict you're right, I guess ... ... the thing is, I'm not the right person for all of this ... I know very little about my countrys history ... and to be honest, I don't really care what happened in the past ... when and how ... ... the very truth is - philosophy "took" most of the me ... I'm kinda possessed by philosophical issues ( philosophy maniac ) ... so, ... I think and know very little about - normal life and his segments ... ... ... all I want is to become a professor in the university ... to write book/s ... ... publish them ... perhaps become famous ... and ... that would be all ... - I'm doing good so far ... ... but life is full of surprises ...

    ... p.s. ... ... as about shoting, well ... shit 'appens all the time as you know ... did you shot 'him' ? ...
  6. Nenad
    07-20-2008 06:30 AM
    ... no, we're not going to intervene militarily ... ... as our president said at the UN - "Serbia will not war anymore" ... ... either way, we have no people for that anymore ... ... and, as you say, we all suffered enough ... ... ... we'll fight for Kosovo but only by political way ( pointless as you know ) ... with the help of Russia ... ... but, USA is USA ... ... they can do whatever they want ... be wherever they want ... ... this may sound weird but, some say USA planed wars in former YU ( 1992 ) a long time before they happened ... which wouldn't surprise me at all if it's true ...

    ... those Albanians ... they took Kosovo from us violently ... and, both EU and USA were ( are ) on their side ... ...

    ... I guess everything would've been different if our relationships with USA were good ...

    ... and Kosovo is not the only problem we have here >>> population of old people in Serbia is huge ... ... every fourth is over 65 ... ... we're slowly dieing ... slowly disappear as nation ... finding proper ( normal ) job is mission impossible ... ... youngs are not very interested in having children because, with your job you can barely supply yourself, so kids ? - I don't think so ... ... and so more people die than it is born ... ... ... government must do something about it ... as I heard, they do have a plan ...

    ... we must enter the EU ... but we have a big problem - they ask for Ratko Mladic ... and that ( he ) is really slowing us down ... ... - I'm not sure we'll never find him ... all at all, I really don't see any bright future for this country ... ...

    ... what is happening now is that I, as well as many other ... believe Kosovo is lost forever and ... that there's nothing much we can do now ... except, accepting a reality and ... going further on ...
  7. Amergain
    07-19-2008 10:35 PM
    "Old lout"???? Who said I am old? I am Dr. Lout to you.
  8. Meme Virus
    07-17-2008 09:22 AM
    Meme Virus
    Whoops, did I spell birch wrong? Perhaps I was so overtaken by the anticipation of the prospect of being able to give Amergain another whipping soon that my spelling just went out the window. Where Is the old lout?
  9. Amergain
    07-17-2008 03:50 AM
    When you go to Hell, the devil will make you eat haggis for eternity. Ignore what I wrote. I had written an angry note but had second thoughts but I could not cancel the message, so I erased it and sent nonsense to clear my messages. How does one erase a message when you change your mind about sending it. All you can do is erase the content. So I was trying to be nice, goddamn it.
  10. Meme Virus
    07-16-2008 08:51 PM
    Meme Virus
    What? What are these all about, Amergain, you big rowdy masochist? I've just found them. Careful, or I'll get the wet cellery sticks and bearch twigs out!

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    Palaeontology, poetry, evolution discussion and explanation.
    Clinical Neurologist/Physician part-time neurogenetics research.
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    Religion is an irrational meme complex, a computer virus of the brain. It inhibits rational, analytical, and sceptical screening (Rubbish filter). The results are gullibility, superstition, paranoia, hate, and violence.


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