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  1. *vampire*
    02-05-2009 03:58 PM
    Seien Sie mein Freund bitte!
    11-19-2008 02:27 PM
    The Continuance-We came almost through the Tunnel,as a White Bright Utmost Intense Light came into our faces-we must turne our heads because just closing the eyelids was NOT enough to stop the light from entering our Eyes...the Motor on The Volvo shut down,as the Electric in the Tunnel Above Lights,just because Bert Kjelldahl was/is a Smart Guy with a Good Heart,he put the Gear Shaft in Neutral,and so the Volvo Rolled out of the Tunnel,as we where just some 30 meters away from Northern Entrance of Windy Island Tunnel-and as We came out-the ENTIRE Islands Inhabitants was without Electricity,and also Mainland,and in the East,also Electric MAGNETIC IMPULSE-shut down-
    We saw in the EASTERLY direction of Noethesunds Bridge South Side,a Great Red Intense Glowing Cloud-at least 200-300 meters in Diameter-and as it started do wobble-and shrimp a little-instable-a Dark Bluish Intense Star lighted up the Easterly/Northerly side of Hafstens Mountain-and as It started to Glow,the Red Great Clod in the east started to shrink into nothing-and the blue star followed itīs example...
    As this happened-dark and quiet was all over-20.14 at the evening of 26th November 1971........
    After a while Bert Kjelldahl asked me,the others where very stunned,"Thomas,....did you see anything in beetween the Glimpses of Lights...???" It was pretty big wasīnt it? "
    Yes I said it was very BIG...."Then They Must Have Travelled in Time" Bert said.........nobody can swing a bend so narrow in the speed of Light........the Red and Blue Lights we saw,and the Bright White Light-was in Fact-the SIGNS of TIME-Travelling Wilburies Schafflongkerraz Vehicle
    ESCARGENCY RESEARCH & RESCUE-Tempus Omnius Revelat
  3. stephie_speed
    06-29-2008 07:30 AM
    Thank You...I'm glad you approve.
  4. HoneyBee
    06-23-2008 04:39 PM
    Began my blog as a catharsis.

    I have been on meds for the past seven years. I have reflected on the incidents of the past two weeks with brutal honesty. With the support of my doctor, I have come to understand that other disorders have been present and thus, have not been accurately diagnosed nor have I been taking the right combination of meds.

    The unexamined life is not worth living...the examination process is both painful and exhilarating. However bittersweet, faith in the "process" will keep me honest. Will allow me to find peace. Will allow me to live my best life...and for those I hold near and dear.
  5. frish
    06-22-2008 08:14 AM
    I've been called a wit, or something that rhymes with wit, all too frequently. Thanks!
    And thanks for your rational posts...
  6. Nenad
    06-17-2008 10:43 AM
    "There is no purpose in anything, it just is here because it is..."

    ... this sentence , especially the red part , drawed my attention ... you should read my [ ONE way ] theory ... I think you'll find it interesting ...

    go here >

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    I would like another chance at life, this time with some free will.


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Posted 07-06-2008 at 05:05 AM Comments 1
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Apart from the required schooling that occupied 12 plus years of my life then a 3 year transitional period, followed by an enjoyable 7 years working and finally the last 3 of not so enjoyable years I can quite safely say that I really need to dedicate the next 11,000 days of my life to being a little more productive.

I sometimes say that if I lived in a communist style state where I was told what to do day in and day out I would have had a more productive life, but as it stands I...

Posted 07-05-2008 at 08:52 AM Comments 1
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I was pretty much raised on the belief that if you donít have anything nice to say to someone, then donít say anything. Well thatís all fine and dandy in every day life, but at 3:35am in the morning and behind a computer screen itís a little easy to let a few Ďsarcasmsí slip.

I was once told by my last boss with a smile that I was a shit stirrer, and who isnít. In fact, who doesnít find some enjoyment from poking a few beehives to see if youíll get stung. To see how many of those...

Posted 06-30-2008 at 05:28 AM Comments 1
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I wouldnít go so far as to say I suffer from arachnophobia but I would say I donít enjoy spiders company.

Snakes on the other hand I donít care much for, in fact, if I wasnít under the impression that all were poisonous Iíd go and poke them if I saw them and take them home to eat all the spiders. Firstly I donít think all snakes are poisonous and secondly I donít think snakes eat spiders. But I would poke them just to say Hi, and besides, snakes know to stay outside.


Posted 06-24-2008 at 04:35 AM Comments 1
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Group hug guys - Seriously

I was starting to get a little down-trodden from all the testosterone trickling through this place when I realised itís not this place fault, itís mine. I was frequenting the wrong bars, I was listening to the wrong conversations and such and I was adding to it. Yes thatís true it makes me happy to be sarcastic and play little mind games with other humans, because it makes me feel good, ok, I said it, it makes me feel good to poke jabs at others. But no...

Posted 06-22-2008 at 04:21 AM Comments 1
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I just watched a video clip about an alien abductee who described a vibrator as some alien nostril probe. The video was one of Oddityís blog posts, it was funny and then annoyed me. It was that and probably the sombre lyrics of Gowanís - A Criminal Mind that stooped me down to my usual defective, contemplative mood.

Anyone remember Nurse Ratchet from One Flew Over the cuckoos Nest - she pissed me off, but that was her job. This alien abductee pissed me off too. What I want to know...
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