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08-01, 17:08 Meme Virus
Blimey! And he never got banned?
08-01, 11:37 ladybug
I finally got rid of him/her when I wiped my OS and moved to Linux for a while.
08-01, 11:35 ladybug
"since IP addresses aren't displayed with posts here?" I was in touch with one of the super-mods back then. Also it was happening at other sites I was visiting. To say I had fallen out with him/her is putting it very mildly.
07-31, 18:50 Meme Virus
Maybe if you contact Madesta, he'll give you your account details, since he offered to do that with Ca$hback.
07-31, 18:49 Meme Virus
Or is he just a neighbour of yours who wanted free bandwidth? How could you tell he was doing it, since IP addresses aren't displayed with posts here?
07-31, 18:49 Meme Virus
Wow, freaky! I didn't realise any of that was going on. Were you worried Ice would think he was a sockpuppet of you then? Why was it you he picked on - had you been arguing angrily or something?
07-30, 23:18 ladybug
Avata, I freaked changed everything everywhere and lost the keys to burgersoft777 at least here.
07-30, 23:17 ladybug
As myself, if I changed IP his changed to that IP instantly at least on the surface. It was freakling me out, Then you come along and quote me from a completely different forum and aatar
07-30, 23:14 ladybug
Forums can get intense, with all sorts of shady things going on in the background. Jacboot had somehow piggy hacked my IP and was always on" for quite a long time" Holocaust denying Jacboot would have appeared to have broadcast from the same IP.
07-30, 22:14 Meme Virus
I don't think I can remember that quoting incident, or who Jacboot was. Only a vague recollection of the name. Sounds as if he was a Nazi thug. Why was he hounding you?
07-30, 12:59 ladybug
PS no hard feeling Meme it is good to hear from you after all this time!
07-30, 12:58 ladybug
So I changed my passwords everywhere and could never get back in to frostcloud, Started posting a lot in the UK. It would be nice if this place was to come back to life though. I given up on burning non believers though.
07-30, 12:54 ladybug
In Fact it is Burgersoft rather than his wife that is using this login right now. It wasn't the burning incident, but rather that you quoted something from another site, it was just the last straw having been hounded by Jacboot.
07-29, 22:20 Meme Virus
Anyway, keep safe from the coronapestilence. I'm sure it's worse than the Meme Virus ever was. Sorry for any bad feelings the Virus inadvertently stirred up.
07-29, 22:18 Meme Virus
Or was it when I got annoyed with StillPond? Yeah I admit that was too over-the-top. I suppose I just found his romantic attentions a bit overwhelming LOL.
07-29, 22:18 Meme Virus
That's a shame. What did it do to cause that then? It never said anything that provocative to you. The problem wasn't its criticism of Berger for declaring atheists ought to be burned at the stake was it?
07-27, 17:28 ladybug
Well I must admit that I stopped coming in as a direct result of Meme Virus, so I do hope s/he has changed her ways.
07-19, 19:10 madesta
Ten whole years since I've been here. I think 6/19/10 was the last time I logged in. What 10 years can do... or not do... I feel very little difference in the span of 10 years... had a few relationships... That's about it. heh, good times.
07-19, 14:10 madesta
huh... so Frostcloud came back due to COVID... at least something good happened!
03-15, 15:48 Meme Virus
I'm not into flame wars nowadays; I've mellowed with age, or got out of the habit or something. Probably just as well.
03-15, 15:47 Meme Virus
Ooh, reading back through old posts, I realise I could come across as more mean and bitchy and aggressive than I thought I did or was fair. Not everyone deserved it. So I should apologise to a few people, like Mister Agenda, and a few others a few times.
03-13, 09:42 Meme Virus
Corr, we made a mess of this poor place! I think the reason there are no posts after 2010 is because most of the rest were so full of abuse - mostly Storyteller's - that they just had to be thrown away. Pity.
02-29, 09:52 Meme Virus
and Memnon kept saying, "What are you going on about?" Maybe when he said that, Storyteller took it as a request to explain himself in more detail, not realising Memnon just couldn't understand him.
02-29, 09:51 Meme Virus
Maybe when it seemed they were having a conversation, what was really going on was that Storyteller was trying to pass on some juicy details about his latest flashing escapade or something,
02-29, 09:50 Meme Virus
or they were trying to talk it, but at least one of them was making so many spelling mistakes it was impossible for the other to understand what he said.


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