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07-28, 20:15 PoseidonsNet
irish is 'mom' and english 'mum'? ~ thanks, i did not ever realise that, being a new- worlder of irish and english et al origin
07-24, 18:13 PoseidonsNet
who do you dominatrix, if you're a nun? thats what i wanna know, yourself?
07-24, 18:13 PoseidonsNet
so at the prospect of marriage for true love, you decide to be a dominatrix-nun, meme?
07-22, 20:42 PoseidonsNet
sweet meme - the best way you can use your marriage for good is to marry a man cos you luvs him, not 4 any other reason at all - that way your sons will be knights and your daughters the mothers of knights
07-22, 20:40 PoseidonsNet
thats why food costs 1/3rd here than what it does there - its all the presidents in it together - africa feeds a good portion of europe - while its own people live in poverty
07-22, 20:38 PoseidonsNet
African presidents are paid by white presidents - so that african goods can be exported to white countries at the profit of a select few
07-18, 16:11 PoseidonsNet
thats a good quickname u gave me, StoryT, thank-you, you are deserving of the fair meme's delicate hand in matrimonial bliss - so long as she gets her t and you get her a, eh?
07-18, 14:25 PoseidonsNet
what does it mean to be 'ortured' is that like torturing a person by not giving them any tea?
06-29, 20:57 PoseidonsNet
wene waka pukka noka uni wagga nogga fooka poka tiktak research niyi pooperscooper eka uka poka wakka!
06-20, 20:38 PoseidonsNet
ol' pirates yes dey rob I ~ sold I to da merchant ships ~ many moments later they took i ~ from da bottomless pits
06-18, 19:07 PoseidonsNet
but you will notice there is always someone 'invisible' under the letter B ~ he called me a fraud even when i gave him proof otherwise ~
06-15, 21:46 PoseidonsNet
whoooo can it B now?, yeah yeah yeah
06-15, 20:26 PoseidonsNet
always an 'invisible' person listed under the letter 'B' ~ who can it be now?
06-13, 19:21 PoseidonsNet
you're not a very good spanish teacher, all i can say is 'pechos'
06-11, 22:25 PoseidonsNet
With light in my head
You in my arms
06-11, 22:24 PoseidonsNet
Well I know I will be loosened
From bonds that hold me fast
That the chains all hung around me
Will fall away at last
And on that fine and fateful day
I will take me in my hands
I will ride on the train
I will be the fisherman
With light in
06-11, 22:24 PoseidonsNet
I wish I was the brakeman
On a hurtlin fevered train
Crashing a-headlong into the heartland
Like a cannon in the rain
With the beating of the sleepers
And the burnin of the coal
Counting the towns flashing by
06-11, 22:24 PoseidonsNet
no, nef is the Lowthist, although its kinda weird being poseidon and getting seasick - actually i don't like fishing either - its just a pretty song
06-11, 21:20 PoseidonsNet
"i wish i was a fisherman" ~ i can see no ambiguity or misunderstanding in it ~ are you perhaps a Lowthist?
06-11, 21:03 PoseidonsNet
whats stopping me? ~ I get seasick too easily and i don't got a boat ~ so instead i fish the net of the IT seas, surfing for love and fame and laughter
06-11, 21:02 PoseidonsNet
nef, tell that to john scott, its his lyrics (i think)
06-11, 20:39 PoseidonsNet
I wish I was a fisherman
Tumblin on the seas
Far away from dry land
And its bitter memories
Casting out my sweet line
With abandonment and love
No ceiling bearin down on me
cept the starry sky above
06-08, 22:34 PoseidonsNet
and after making this great anouncement, then entire eaudience of FC, some 1000 in total ~ wait ~ with ~ bated ~ breath for BYT
06-06, 19:55 PoseidonsNet
~you don't know what you got til its gone~
06-02, 22:25 PoseidonsNet
people are strange ~ when you~re a stranger ~ faces look ugly ~ when you~re alone ~ women seem wicked ~ when you~re unwanted ~ streets are uneven ~ when you~re down ~ when you~re strange ~ faces come out of the range ~ when you~~~re STRANGE


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