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10-24, 01:00 *vampire*
hey to everyone!
10-19, 22:05 *vampire*
im sorry for i not being on this web site for a long time. ive been away, on a trip to the united states. it was fun but not all exciting. any remarkes? mail them to me.
10-19, 22:02 *vampire*
dam goats
05-19, 16:17 *vampire*
well theres a summer brake comming up. if you sent me messages, and i dont answer them, im not ingoring you its im not at the computer resantly.
05-15, 17:06 *vampire*
Wheres new science?
05-07, 16:41 *vampire*
did you know there ARE square watermelons
05-07, 16:38 *vampire*

Do you know what this is?>
05-07, 16:38 *vampire*

Do you know what
04-22, 18:05 *vampire*
You know people, you can send me masseges. i check my name everyday and I'm still wishing there will be something there. but there is not. please send me something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
04-14, 16:26 *vampire*
no one is on.
04-13, 14:46 *vampire*
Monkeys are cool! we don't have many of them in my country!
04-07, 14:54 *vampire*
04-06, 14:51 *vampire*
no mean to me wll ruen my good mood
04-03, 16:26 *vampire*
you did what, to the Fat monkeys, for how many bannannas?
04-03, 16:19 *vampire*
connect? huh? sorry im learing english...still
04-02, 15:02 *vampire*
04-02, 12:58 *vampire*
Who is the mach made in heaven, Ben Burkhill?
04-01, 19:29 *vampire*
sorry, i've been busy, Quest, thanks for the address, but i dont have a computer at home so i cant talk to you there, maybe at school, but they got yahoo blocked, maybe there is a way around the blockage. if i find a way i'll tell you and talk to you! thanks for sinding it to me...
03-30, 14:48 *vampire*
O, really now? (Beep beep beep) the nutty train in coming to pick up your crazy ass friends.
03-27, 15:03 *vampire*
cummising back up
03-26, 14:55 *vampire*
there is anoughter chat web site...i found it...... the wed site is
03-26, 14:51 *vampire*
03-25, 15:40 *vampire*
where in the hell are you people?
03-25, 15:39 *vampire*
where in the hell are you people?
03-25, 15:37 *vampire*
where are all these people at : coberst
free tibet


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