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07-12, 00:51 Ben Burkhill
They are Sri Lankan
01-01, 02:21 Ben Burkhill
Absolutely everyone - Hi, my name is Ben Burkhill, pleased to meet you Glennn . Forgive but don't forget is my motto, goodwill for all is also a sentiment dear to my heart, everyone has it in them to turn a corner and become a good person.
12-31, 06:48 Ben Burkhill
Happy new year everyone! I hope this year holds more positive rewards for your life than last year did.
12-23, 00:30 Ben Burkhill
I think the novelty wore off simplenova.
12-03, 21:11 Ben Burkhill
Well that was all very strange.
11-19, 19:24 Ben Burkhill
LOL - nice one Neffy.
11-11, 00:05 Ben Burkhill
It's I-AM-A-GENIUS with a new name Meme.
10-30, 05:58 Ben Burkhill
LOL - I-AM-A-GENIUS did do a doppleganger of my name, and it did have lower case b's, so in essence your assuption is correct in this case andy.
10-26, 04:55 Ben Burkhill
Every statement you make seems to strengthen my case. Your ego exposes your true identity - wow, right again, whodathunkit?
10-19, 14:36 Ben Burkhill
LOL - well you write like I-AM-A-GENIUS, you make the same spelling mistakes, you make the same sort of preposterous claims as I-AM-A-GENIUS (i.e. you are not a great story teller deigning to entertain us) so I'm going to assert/claim that you are he
10-17, 11:02 Ben Burkhill
10-15, 00:40 Ben Burkhill
LOL - Are you suggesting I'm 'Trolling' Kzirb?
10-14, 02:07 Ben Burkhill
LOL - you tell me genius.
10-07, 07:11 Ben Burkhill
Storyteller - I am under the rather distinct impression that you are in fact I-AM-A-GENIUS in disguise.
09-08, 22:37 Ben Burkhill
Ahhh....I think you were looking for the 'Insult Thread' which Symptom created for just this sort of thing. It's just above this 'Chatbox', it's in the 'Off-Topic' forum, see it? OK, good then.
09-07, 13:41 Ben Burkhill
Australia - but what Nef is talking about is the Baz Luhrmann film named Australia in which a little indigenous boy called Cream is saved by his grandfather on mom's side who kills the whiteman rich father while he tries to kill the boy all because..
09-04, 21:08 Ben Burkhill
Shakespeare is/was awesome but Shaxberd sucked ass - everyone knows that.
09-04, 11:36 Ben Burkhill
09-04, 11:36 Ben Burkhill
LOL E.coli, of course I was joking, FC has been a vicious and spiteful battle ground for as long as I've been here and I'm sure well before I came. Thanks for the spelling correction you mealy mouthed cantankerous carbuncle! Better?
09-04, 08:10 Ben Burkhill
DRAGON! Where are you you measly mouthed cantancerous carbuncle?!
09-04, 08:10 Ben Burkhill
departed from us. Oh well - back to the battlefield.
09-04, 08:09 Ben Burkhill
bicker vindictively - a time when men were men and ladies were ladies and we all held hands and spoke with respect. I'm tearing up thinking about the golden age. Sad, how very sad those times ared
09-04, 08:08 Ben Burkhill
Ahhh, I remember, the good 'ol days. Yup, I remember them well - you could tell the kids about it but do you think they'll believe you? Nope. A time when you could say something without fear of being trolled, a time when people reasoned and did not
08-28, 00:20 Ben Burkhill
Is that what you do? LOL - just jokes Nef.
08-25, 02:32 Ben Burkhill
English is not her first language - maybe she thought it meant 'chatter box'.


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