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07-28, 16:59 jimbad
or, "Ma"
07-28, 16:55 jimbad
dam it, i asked for a 99, wheres my flake???
07-28, 14:03 jimbad
Hmm, ice creams and sun shine....... i'm happy!!!
07-10, 14:28 jimbad
Dude, did my dad find out i wear ladies underwear?
05-19, 02:58 jimbad
well truth be told it was Henry Cooper, Ali had to cheat to beat our Henry!!!!
05-19, 02:58 jimbad
No, no........ that was Ali!!!!
05-09, 14:56 jimbad
it's caramilizing! lol
05-09, 14:51 jimbad
salted then!
05-09, 14:47 jimbad
she wacked people with her nuts? salted or dry roasted?
05-09, 14:46 jimbad
yum, in bbq sauce! i'm so simple to please! lol
05-09, 14:43 jimbad
no i've changed my mind already, i wanna go to the gym............. not, bring on the burgers!
05-09, 14:43 jimbad
i really want a BBQ when i get home tonight!
05-09, 14:41 jimbad
thats a bloody big scrotum! lol
05-09, 14:40 jimbad
fench fries and custard, not as bad as it sounds!!!!
05-09, 14:39 jimbad
and is it true, if you stretch you scrotum skin to its fullest, with no wrinkles left in it, it could cover a basket ball?
05-09, 14:32 jimbad
is the left one normaly bigger?
05-09, 14:29 jimbad
04-01, 23:17 jimbad
health tip: dont be unhealthy!
03-30, 23:23 jimbad
why "O" why?
03-21, 06:56 jimbad
And Raisens in your cookies!
03-16, 00:03 jimbad
i'm sorry i lowered the tone!!!!
03-16, 00:03 jimbad
is it a nice night in with the missues?
03-16, 00:03 jimbad
why are all your hero's going down?
03-14, 23:34 jimbad
some people like salad!
03-07, 12:13 jimbad
i think tha banana is trying to fart on the waving man!


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