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02-12, 18:36 0ddity
I think there was some good advice already given in your thread, just tell her whats up, get to know her, and don't come across as a crazy stalker.
02-12, 06:08 0ddity
Sorry Avalanche, I am only a moderator in some sections of the forum, Relationships is not one of them. If you feel some posts in your thread are disrespectful or against the forum rules, you can PM Arghmonkey and he will look at it for you.
02-12, 02:46 0ddity
I certainly don't take pleasure in it, the last person I banned besides a spammer was for calling Ben a pedophile and a child molester, and saying worse things about me, my wife and son
02-12, 02:31 0ddity
Poor IAJ, banned again, for a week this time.
08-17, 04:40 0ddity
Funny, there is no such thread, and that user has been mysteriously banned.
08-16, 21:35 0ddity
08-14, 17:39 0ddity
lol I did mine blue a little while ago and it turned out ok
08-13, 19:04 0ddity
All the others are in the ether, who knows where Icestorm is, and I have been pretty busy elsewhere until recently. I hope its not too late to salvage frostcloud as still a decent place to have various discussions (without the troll drama.)
08-12, 13:08 0ddity
You are now banned, but you knew that was coming, again.
08-12, 06:24 0ddity
Bye bye, you are now banned. Have a nice day.
08-12, 03:11 0ddity
All profiles created with the intent to harass and insult will be banned, starting 10 minutes ago. Goodbye.
04-30, 08:33 0ddity
Who the fuck could believe it, 0ddity had a kid
04-29, 02:27 0ddity
course I meant to say bang bang not boom boom
04-29, 02:26 0ddity
Thats not where I got it
04-29, 02:26 0ddity
If you say so
04-28, 18:16 0ddity
click click boom boom
02-24, 02:48 0ddity
01-30, 18:12 0ddity
01-30, 11:39 0ddity
Your move
01-30, 11:35 0ddity
Indeed, I will respond shortly.
01-29, 15:24 0ddity
Of course I knew that.
01-29, 15:23 0ddity
its after 6 am here
01-29, 15:15 0ddity
01-29, 15:12 0ddity
First order of business is to get there though. Shes in a lot of pain, and wants someone to complain to.
01-29, 15:12 0ddity
doing some of that


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