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03-15, 15:48 Meme Virus
I'm not into flame wars nowadays; I've mellowed with age, or got out of the habit or something. Probably just as well.
03-15, 15:47 Meme Virus
Ooh, reading back through old posts, I realise I could come across as more mean and bitchy and aggressive than I thought I did or was fair. Not everyone deserved it. So I should apologise to a few people, like Mister Agenda, and a few others a few times.
03-13, 09:42 Meme Virus
Corr, we made a mess of this poor place! I think the reason there are no posts after 2010 is because most of the rest were so full of abuse - mostly Storyteller's - that they just had to be thrown away. Pity.
02-29, 09:52 Meme Virus
and Memnon kept saying, "What are you going on about?" Maybe when he said that, Storyteller took it as a request to explain himself in more detail, not realising Memnon just couldn't understand him.
02-29, 09:51 Meme Virus
Maybe when it seemed they were having a conversation, what was really going on was that Storyteller was trying to pass on some juicy details about his latest flashing escapade or something,
02-29, 09:50 Meme Virus
or they were trying to talk it, but at least one of them was making so many spelling mistakes it was impossible for the other to understand what he said.
02-29, 09:50 Meme Virus
I wonder if when it seemed he and Memnon were talking their own language, they understood each other, or whether they didn't really, either because they were babbling away in nonsense, just pretending to talk their own language,
02-29, 09:48 Meme Virus
I wonder if Storyteller made as many spelling mistakes in his own language as he did in English. I bet he did.
07-28, 20:15 PoseidonsNet
irish is 'mom' and english 'mum'? ~ thanks, i did not ever realise that, being a new- worlder of irish and english et al origin
07-28, 16:59 jimbad
or, "Ma"
07-28, 16:55 Storyteller
she cals her mother 'mum', as opposed to the irish 'mom'...tell em what that emans, ben. give ya 2 days to guess. at teh end of that tmio illell ya what it means if you fail....
07-28, 16:55 jimbad
dam it, i asked for a 99, wheres my flake???
07-28, 16:55 Storyteller
07-28, 16:26 Meme Virus
Burkhill will be looking on now, feeling wise and self-satisfied, dreaming up theories as to why Storyteller's plan finally worked, and thinking, "I could have predicted that". And he'll know he can come back if ST leaves.
07-28, 16:26 Meme Virus
Storyteller will have made the Burkhill's day now. Could that be what he wanted?
07-28, 16:25 Meme Virus
Oh the surrealism!
07-28, 16:22 Storyteller
well, wel, well....
07-28, 14:03 jimbad
Hmm, ice creams and sun shine....... i'm happy!!!
07-28, 09:39 Meme Virus
Wow, things are looking positive today! The sun's shining gloriously at last, and I'm getting out in it!
07-28, 09:38 Meme Virus
There's a truly wondrous and hilarious irony about this, that thankfully, only I would know. Sorry you lot can't smile along with me, but that's just the way it has to be.
07-28, 08:13 Meme Virus
LOL I didn't say I wasn't going to come back.
07-28, 06:20 Storyteller
07-28, 06:20 Storyteller
My journey here at frostcloud is nearing its end!
07-28, 06:20 Storyteller
At last, My Job is done! Ive accomplished the purpose for which I joined frostcloud...
07-28, 06:09 Storyteller
we're waaaiting, Symp and Jimbad!!


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