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07-28, 06:08 Storyteller
07-28, 06:08 Storyteller
07-28, 06:08 Storyteller
we are awesome, arenbt we? burkhill tried, but failed. oddity tried, and got kicked out himself. then we came along, and did what no other mortal had been able to do--we
07-28, 06:07 Storyteller
you got your wish! you succeeded in chasing Meme Virus out of thuis forum...
07-28, 06:06 Storyteller
yo menmon
07-27, 15:46 Memnon
i mean love hurts but that guy cant beat her up...
07-27, 15:46 Memnon
then tell her to move on in life
07-27, 15:46 Memnon
you should ask if she loves him
07-27, 15:45 Memnon
what the fuck
07-27, 15:45 Storyteller
i said, gud, we'll get him to cook breakfast 4 us...nd she
07-27, 15:45 Storyteller
bt n da end she said ok aftr intensive flirtin..i thought id move on 2 da sbject of sex as well, bt she said k b4 dat...den came up da prob of her ex bf..she was lyk, my ex still loves me!
07-27, 15:44 Storyteller
07-27, 15:44 Storyteller
dn she wz lyk, dats a westlife song!. i said, 'so is' nothings gonna change my lv 4 ya.". she said, "can we jst be frnds?" i said, "y? is smtn wrong wt u? s dat y ppl dont lyk to get 2 close 2 u?" lol...nd she smacked me wt a book....
07-27, 15:42 Storyteller
went nd sat next to her, said, u knw wat, chryl? im truly madly n deeply n love wt u....she blushed bt didnt say nythin, nd i smiled at hr and soflty flicked hr hair..lmao..dat was fkin fantaaastic!
07-27, 15:41 Storyteller
mama eki wa ask out karapu
07-27, 15:21 Storyteller
thank you!
07-27, 15:20 Storyteller
of our lingo, please, please keep away! You are NOT INVITED!
07-27, 15:20 Storyteller
as for any indtuders hu'd love to jump into this private conversation and question my right to discuss personal stuff with a friend of mine, not to mention jumping to conclusions about what we are talking about without even understanding a word
07-27, 15:16 Storyteller
but still..monowada kiyanne?
07-27, 15:16 Storyteller
mama eka wa fuck inside out karanawa..nly thing is, they're a bit racist ova here...gotta be careful, plus that fker's a blustering, hot gas-headed thug..highly harmless, as opposed to the silent, deadly type....
07-27, 15:15 Storyteller
i hate fuckers who are that possesive of women. i mean, he isnt her HUSBANd, for fucks sake! he has no right to control her or dominate her like that.
07-27, 15:14 Storyteller
Mama Cheryl wa ask out kara ada. Eki kiyuwa marth ekka date karoth eki ge EX eyata gahai kiyala....
07-27, 15:14 Storyteller
Shit Menmmon....
07-27, 14:40 Meme Virus
You say, "Trust me, meme, if you were a male, I would have paid some website 10 dollars to hack into your email acount, and traced you, and come an visited you." Is that some kind of ancient Sri Lankan masculine one-upmanship ritual?
07-27, 09:34 Meme Virus
I await your response with eagerness. It should be an interesting anthropological specimen.


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