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06-08, 21:44 madesta
Frostcloud IM. The bestest upgrade yet.
06-08, 21:43 madesta
YEah, this is getting very interesting...
06-08, 20:56 Robot314159
a chat box wow... strange
06-08, 12:27 Nenad
... kosovo je srbija ... bilo - jeste - i bice ...
06-08, 00:28 icest0rm
yes, i'm back from pooping. oh wait...gotta go again.
06-07, 11:04 Andy
i take it Icestorm had just returned from 'pooping' when he made the below comment (just settinf the tone)
06-06, 21:07 icest0rm
see ya stillpond
06-06, 21:03 StillPond
ok im done, see ya guys later!
06-06, 21:03 StillPond
i could do it to, i love listening to the birds outside my window, kinda reminds me of when i was a kid and the birds would sing early on saturday mornings, waking me up and reminding me that i have to get to the pool....ah memories!
06-06, 20:58 StillPond
or i rekon i could just sit here and talk to myself all day!
06-06, 20:57 StillPond
...............jeez but i guess ya gotta have a lot of mems to actually have some fun no?
06-06, 20:56 StillPond
kudos icey!
06-06, 20:56 StillPond
hey sweet! boy i am fallin more and more in love with fc everyday!
06-06, 19:45 icest0rm
I need to go poop now
06-06, 19:44 icest0rm
it's for chatting
06-06, 11:39 Andy
what is this for? So threads don't descend into drivel I suppose...
06-06, 08:23 Dromiceius
Some of these colors are bound to be invisible...
06-06, 07:49 icest0rm
06-06, 03:29 Dromiceius
06-05, 22:32 icest0rm
06-05, 22:29 Marty McFly
sorry. always wanted to say that.
06-05, 22:23 icest0rm
hey marty
06-05, 22:23 Marty McFly
copy that gold leader. Skywalker is engaged!
06-05, 22:22 icest0rm
06-05, 22:22 icest0rm
Testing chatbox


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