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Nef Raven 08-27-2009 02:55 PM

Best Friend's Eldest Sis has 2 Abortions
Once upon a time a little twelve year old worried alot about her best friend's concerns with her eldest sister. Her best friend's eldest sister had divorced and lost one of her twin boys. She lived alone and dated a very powerful well to do man. The man always made promises of marriage said the concerned 12 year old who wanted her sister to be happy. The eldest sister did not know that her little sister was telling her best friend all about her issues because the little sister wanted to do everything possible to help the eldest sister.
Anyway the eldest sister became pregnant. Thinking that her well to do boyfriend would be happy she made a special dinner to break the news and hopefully receive a marriage proposal. The dinner turned out to be a disaster. Later the well to do boyfriend demanded, " if you love me you will have this abortion".
The eldest sister cried for months and thanked God because she at least had her son. In the seventies it was very very hard to be accepted as a decent woman if you had more than one child from different marriages. The little sister told her best friend the whole story in the gym locker room . It was like listening to a soap opera and the two little girls learned alot. They both vowed never to say anything.
A few years went by and the eldest sister recuperated. The well to do boyfriend had disappeared for a while although he promised to stay with the eldest sister. The relationship went soar. Then the eldest sister became successful and started to earn alot of money on her own. The well to do boy friend aftere two years came back. He promised the world again, happiness, and even marriage this time. Then a repetition of what happened before happened again. The eldest daughter made a special dinner to break the news and the well to do boyfriend although he knew she was now his equal had to endure the pain of his lies. He deceitfully even told her, " Your just too easy and a push over". And he demanded an abortion.

The eldest found out that the little12 year old sister had been telling her12 year old best friend about all her dramatic issues with her boyfriend. They had an enormous internal family scandal. The little 12 year could not be overly concerned with her eldest sister's issues and for a long time they did not speak to eachother because of their mother's interference between them. The best friend who just listened had a fiery strict baptist Mom who became upset and promised to never trust her daughter. She never for many many years accepted any of the little girls best bests because of this complicated incident where two little girls were considered far to informed about adult issues therefore doing away with the innocence needed to grow up properly.

Anyway, the soap opera ended and the two best friends could not be friends anymore. The eldest who had another >>>____________ moved to another community and so did her little sister and their family.

In conclusion I will just add that young people sometimes just become informed about things from other people even if they do not ask for it. Just because the best friend stuck it out to listen to her friend's soap opera doesn't mean a parent has a right to punish her. Being a baptist does not mean there are exceptions to the rule either.

You cannot put a pause on life.

Thank you.

E.coli 08-27-2009 10:24 PM

Where do you get this silly fiction and why does it belong in biology and genetics?

Perhaps you should save this for Oprah.

Nef Raven 03-30-2010 06:42 PM

Chit Chat
Oprah is one great lady that I admire very much. People are careful to not present repulsive mockery on her show. I guess they save that for Jerry Springer like when they showed the Ku KLux KLan.


People in this forum demonstrate a great deal of forgetfulness. Maybe it's because of some of the restraints.

That memevirus is somthing. Have you checked out her articles about Witch hunts? She has hyperlinks in her hyperlinks too.

Welcome to "my" forum.

Bobbo 04-04-2010 09:51 PM

Someone should have told the eldest sister where babies come from.

And that some men will say, promise or do almost anything in order to get in a girl's panties.

Why do females believe sex has anything to do with love, or love anything to do with sex?

And apparently women have been this way, willing to risk pregnancy, forever.

Dumb, dumber, dumbest.

Some men will do anything for sex; some women will do anything for love. A dangerous combination.

Nef Raven 04-07-2010 05:14 AM

That is the worst piece of invented gossip I could think of when I wrote it. Then again let me see, I am going to think up another doozy and post that too about a man who had seven wives.

Good sex is only acceptable between married couples so a nagging birdy blabbed from the window. Otherwise, the birdy said," It's nasty and disgraceful. Lust is a mortal sin and those who have it should be beheaded!!@"

This old spinster yells and calls everyone that passes by her shack a dirty word. They only remind her poor thang," She's never been laid".

Charlesmox 08-24-2020 05:07 PM

Best Friends Eldest Sis has 2 Abortions
Woohoo. Congrats on the new babies. They are so cute . Im very proud of Coco. Job well done. Please give her a hug from me. Oh, did you get to film them hatching by any chance ?

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