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StillPond 03-21-2006 02:33 AM


a Suzuki GSX750 which is totally reliable, looks nice (ugh) and is more than adequate. The other is a Moto Morini 31/2 which is currently being rebuilt in my garage. I'm thinking about buying a Triumph Thruxton, or a Buell, or maybe a Kawa z1000

a 46 year old on a 750 gixxer, please

i bet you ride without a helmet, huh?

just get a goldwing, or a fatboy and shut the hell up!

you havent riddin until you spark peg in triple digits

TruthInArt 03-21-2006 04:30 AM

Not prime then

Originally Posted by Symptom777

Not prime then

Symptom777 03-21-2006 08:31 AM


Originally Posted by TruthInArt
Not prime then

product of 3 primes, 3, 3&7, 7

Symptom777 03-21-2006 08:32 AM


Originally Posted by StillPond
a 46 year old on a 750 gixxer, please

i bet you ride without a helmet, huh?

just get a goldwing, or a fatboy and shut the hell up!

you havent riddin until you spark peg in triple digits


StillPond 03-21-2006 08:07 PM


Originally Posted by Symptom777


check the rubberside down thread, im interested in your experience

Nef Raven 03-13-2009 06:33 PM


I was born and raised in New York, went to the caribbean and finished college, found a job and stayed there for 19 years. I went back to school and still waiting for some test results.

Single (happily unmarried)
No children ( know a few who'd like to be my kids.)
Independent (Dad 's fa vorite eldest guards the assets.)
Outspoken from time to time; but I enjoy my morning coffee with peace and quiet.
I've been driving since college. Took mother's car at 19. I am also big on 80s music and am enjoying the new chapter of my life in the 40s with a sense of humor and hopefully with gracious appreciation of this stage.
I love animals. I have a lovely male basket hound named Gin Gin, and a black and white Persian CaT named Simba, amd two rooster and five chickens. I can never find where they lay the eggs. I suppose finding a Hen House builder would be a good idea. They enjoy the old cement porch to crash under which is what's left of my great grand mother's old home.
I am Hispanic. I've been living in PR for like forever more than 26 years baCK And fourth and I am one of the few Puerto Ricans that manages to stay in touch with family in New York,Connecticut, Florida, Las Vegas, California. I have lived in New York, Florida, with the Military went to North Carolina,Indiana, Kentucky, Georgia, Texas etc. And I also have gone to Maine. I saw this movie about a super sweet town in Minnesota which is pretty cool. If you got that EXCellent! Now, maybe we can be friends sometime.

Thanks for reading my stuff.

Nef Raven 03-13-2009 10:21 PM

I've gained 40 lbs. by surprise. I stopped working out because I have to go for an operation. After that and all the vitamins I have to take I can go back to my old routine and shed off the extras.
Some fat people jokes are pretty funny and scrawny skinny jokes are pretty funny too. I tend to not judge a book by it's cover and I do not enjoy educating a bunch of rude oldies that should know better. With reference to my experience I have a job and am not up for that kind of interview. if you wanna know about my personal experience with the opposite sex that's pretty personal and I am not accustomed to addressing my Xs in memory lol all over again.

Of course there could be an actor or two that pretend to have what we call in PR a HORN ATTACK "cuerno attaque"(where they pretend that their jealous of any man that so much as look my way) just to get a few laughs like a hoax. Trust me, these guys have never polished a romantic rap with a lady in their entire life and probably never will. Where ever this vile soul thought he could live up to me is beyond me. He's far to shallow for even brushing off my ankles walking out.

Soy mucho pollo para aquello!

Well so much for my tender... uh gossip humor. LOL

Life is short. Live it up.

Symptom777 03-14-2009 11:44 AM

All 'ighly entertaining en all that, but why 'ave you stuck this on the end of my hinterview?

Ben Burkhill. 06-22-2009 06:54 AM

kid lover needs mommy

Originally Posted by Nef Raven (Post 425978)
( know a few who'd like to be my kids.)

poor confused kids would have done much better with me as daddy..

by the way nef you be mommy and i will be daddy...

in otherwords i love you...
in extreme words i want you to marry me...

in more detailed yet perveted words i wanna engage in intercouse with you...

Ca$hback 06-22-2009 08:29 PM

This imposter (notice the period at the end of the name and, well, the poor mimicry) is rather sexually obsessed.

StillPond 06-23-2009 05:20 AM

i love symptom

tho still seeing his fungus about, makes me lose respect

Mike Dubbeld` 06-24-2009 05:53 AM


Originally Posted by StillPond (Post 432973)
i love symptom

tho still seeing his fungus about, makes me lose respect

dont make me sick you fool.since when was symptom that is an understatement.still pond is gay... HELP HELP!!!!!!!!!

StillPond 08-02-2009 03:46 PM

what do you have against gay people?

i will always love symptom! hes the smartest piece of shit in this whole pipeline!

Ben Burkhill 08-02-2009 05:41 PM

That Mike Dubbeld is also an imposter Stilly - It's I-AM-A-GENIUS in very poor disguise.

Memnon 05-08-2010 01:21 PM


Originally Posted by Symptom777 (Post 108312)
I prefer cats.
1) don't have to walk them
2) bury their own poops
3) don't eat other animals poops
4) quieter
5) weigh less
6) smell less
7) have little raspy tongues instead of big slavvery tongues
8) don't piss on your motorbikes wheels
9) can climb trees
10) don't piss on trees
11) when was the last time you trod in cat shit?
12) can occupy themselves
13) catch and kill irrritating bugs
14) are not scared to attack anything, given the motivation
15) Never surrender
16) can eat without making crumbs
17) can be left home alone
18) never bite your ankles
19) don't try and rut your leg
20) they're just better, ok

wait til they shed their coats and cough out the fur balls to see the fun side....:toofunny:

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