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Originally Posted by Ca$hback View Post
Happiness is a bio-feedback reward that encourages you to repeat the behavior that gave you the feeling.
Thats a miserable explanation.


I used to think that happiness was the result of neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin, so I did some A&E, and a couple of degrees in Psych.

Now when I take E, I am able to mostly neutralise the effect of the substance willfully. That is : I can tap into its 'happy' or not, willfully. And mostly so, because its a cheap imitation, at best, of ganja.

But what makes me happy,
is to be creative, so anything that adds to my creativity makes me happy.

For the most part, having lots and lots and lots of free time, blank paper, pens of colors, a PC, good graphics program, game-making language, as well as html, plenty ganja, fried chip sandwiches, nice weather, a beach nearby, filter coffee, strawberries when possible, and most importantly

to enjoy the mix of it all
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