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Originally Posted by PoseidonsNet View Post
Thats a miserable explanation.
That's definitely a matter of perspective I'm hardly responsible for. You flatter me too much.

I used to think that happiness was the result of neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin, so I did some A&E, and a couple of degrees in Psych.
Well, I'm not going to give you the benefit of the doubt based on our past conversations regarding your psych experience, let alone credentials but we can definitely agree that it's an inexact science, for now at least. The brain performs both analog and digital calculations and is very mechanical, albeit disorganized and inefficient which adds to its staggering complexity. Complexity doesn't denote impossibility otherwise we wouldn't exist. Scientists may not be able to create a thought but a thought isn't a thing, like an apple, that can be stored in one location and accessed at will, it's a million sets of dendrites causing tens of millions of possibilities. We call it one thing but a thought comes into existence, exists and is transformed into memory in multiple parts of the brain simultanaously. Everything considered in the thought: objects, location, temperature, pre-disposition, color, weight, size etc. requires many regions and is "stored" as an addition to the seemingly random patterns of the lightning storm of the brain (dynamic and mobile). It may be somewhat confined to the patterns of particular synapses but the brains redundancy and interconnectedness is its well-used but ever sharp edge. Our current understanding of a thought seems to be more of an apple and less of a fractal of ourselves.

Now when I take E, I am able to mostly neutralise the effect of the substance willfully. That is : I can tap into its 'happy' or not, willfully. And mostly so, because its a cheap imitation, at best, of ganja.
Apples and oranges. It's the difference between androgenic steroids and a steak sandwich. Weed stretches the synapses in the cannaboid receptors, causing many pleasant, often individual, side-effects. X aims at very particular parts of the brain to cause a direct effect. Like steroids shrink your balls, X convinces your brain that you'll recieve your seratonin from an outside source and atrophies the relevant glands.

But what makes me happy,
is to be creative, so anything that adds to my creativity makes me happy.For the most part, having lots and lots and lots of free time, blank paper, pens of colors, a PC, good graphics program, game-making language, as well as html, plenty ganja, fried chip sandwiches, nice weather, a beach nearby, filter coffee, strawberries when possible, and most importantly
to enjoy the mix of it all
Which I explained in the first place. Repeat your behavior your brain recognizes as positive and you reward yourself with a good feeling.
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