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I have some sad sad news to relay to the crowd

I don't think I'll put any more of IAAG's old theories here any more now. I'd like to, because they deserve another airing. But sadly, I don't seem to be able to do such things without Storyteller getting silly ideas bouncing around his head that I'm in love with him. But an update has come streaming in hot off the press, telling me that whatever I say, he interprets it as meaning that. So it would be difficult to win. Finally, his competitive urges seem to have met with success!

It is a pity I don't feel I can continue to resurrect IAAG's theories. They were fun.

OK, just one more:


Question - Do you know about a person called Obama, Barack?

If you answer 'yes', you are one of the 6 billion odd deluded fools who roam this planet. The real answer is no, you dont, and I will prove it.

You see, one of the sole characteristics of the US president is that he takes the oath, is it not? Well, then, there are two such presidents, for another person besides Obama has taken this oath - the person who led him into taking it! He has theorotically taken the oath, too, so theorotically he is the other president!

so Obama is not 'The' us president, then, he is only 'a' us president. And since Obama can only be obama if he is 'the ' president, if he is not, then theorotically obama does not exist in space and time at all!!! He is non existent! and you cannot know a non-existent entity!!!

Having successfully disproved yet another flimsy theor-"
"Here! Dont go into that! Be quiet!!"
Who the hell are you, that you dare interrupt me?
"I am your subconious mind! Careful... you are talking about a person who should be treated with respect! I, your mind, have spoken."
You are right, Subconcious mind.. as the only thing I respect besides myself, I bow to your command. It shall be as you have said. Thank you.
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