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Cool head on derailments

Head on collisions of training and coaching is a kind of derailment.
Photons absorbed in Bose Einstein Condensates the entertainment.
Protons at near light speed hitting are splitting in opposite direction.
Dead reckonings like busted was Buster in Mythbusters head on iron.

Horse what hoarse over screaming and yelling after a primal scream
And, everybody deafened by the sound of the unseen beam its seam.
Like a western movie with train robbers barring the way of the train
Wanting the load of gold hidden in the caboose wick goes out in rain.

Wheels of industry, commerce running on fossil fuels balanced books.
Machinery of inventions as mans kings and priests turned into crooks.
Sleepers under railway tracks like tacks under foot in clickerty clack.
Racking the matter of the splatter of bloody mindedness in the flack.

Inspirations from Thoreau and Emerson philosopher are Americana’s.
Beastlike enterprises consumptions heads like many headed hydras.
Bears like Yogi shooting through gates twenty four times a second.
Movie theatres export culture military industrial complex wreckoned.
Love knowledge of the truth to trust for all eternity that is the BIBLE.
Power to be learning the ways of reason and not the ways of violence.
Wisdom to be acheiving the objective of the predicate of all sentences.
Justice to the poverty stricken nescience the poor children's innocence
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